The Swimming Pool Kit Led to Crazy Lazy Results

by Pool Builders on 06-28-2010 in Articles

Owning the correct swimming pool kit has many benefits but surely the most obvious one is that you will not waste valuable lazy sunning time looking for any part of the kit, as and when you need such a part.

From my own experience of missing out on the time I could have spent enjoying the sunshine, but instead wasted hours lifting out the rubbish from the pool or crawling along on my stomach around the edges, attempting to clear the sediment and dirt which had stuck to the pool tiles in the previous winter months of electing not to clean the pool. Then in the spring, as pollen from the trees around the property floated into the pool, caused a great nuisance due to the quantity of the pollen.

Having a local pool cleaning company to maintain your pool has advantages but it does not remove your responsibility for the swimming pool care at other times.

To ensure you have an algae free pool, you definitely must have a kit which includes specific swimming pool cleaning items plus chemicals. You need these to flush out the organic matter and maintain a beautifully clean algae free pool

Also in the kit should be a water test kit, sometimes referred to a swimming pool test kit, and is a necessity to have for a clean and healthy pool. This is made up of vials of different colored liquids which you will need to fill the vials and most importantly, with the right quantity of drops from the corresponding colors to bring up to the levels required.

It is very useful to have knowledge related to the alkalinity and the pH levels because they contribute to the neutralization of the acids.

To illustrate this, if the pH level is too high, it means that there is an inadequate amount of acid in the water. This will be apparent to you by the appearance of the pool in view of the fact that it will be cloudy and murky. To rectify this, pH minus will be required. An easy way to deal with this would be to use a test digital pool water reader and strips.

A lot of pool maintenance kits include a telescope aluminum pole and skimmer with strong polypropylene mesh netting. It would be a good investment to have a spare skimmer at hand as these can deteriorate suddenly. Also consider purchasing the deeper skimmers as these can scoop up a lot of the debris at a time, thus saving you time.

Another kit to have nearby your pool is a first aid kit. Accidents can occur in seconds and having the first aid kit within easy reach can take away any stress you would have in trying to locate the necessary items quickly. These kits are readily available for purchase at with the various items required for all types of medical needs, such as cuts, eye problems or insect bites. You should expect to find within the kit a CPR one-way valve face-shield which is used to protect yourself or whoever performs CPR, from contamination.

Also, having a family member with a qualification in first aid would be a great advantage to the family as a whole. Maybe this is a time when one member could be allocated the task of training for that certification.

There are several automatic pool cleaners that make it incredibly easy to keep the pool clean. Yes, they are expensive, but because they save you so much time, that cost can be justified.

The benefit of ensuring that you have a kit readily available will cut down your time spent worrying about the safety of the family and the maintenance of the pool. You will then have the time to loiter around the pool, soaking up the pleasures it brings and the crazy games you can play in the pool with your family and friends, all because you had the good sense to make sure that you had a suitable swimming pool kit at hand for all eventualities.

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