The Threat Posed by Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 11-10-2009 in Articles

On a suffocating, hot day during the dog days of summer it can be argued that there is nothing more relaxing than a soothing dip in a pool. That is while millions of people in states all over the United States build pools in their yards or make an attractive pool a must have for any house they would consider renting or buying. The desire to swim in a personalized backyard pool is so large that there is an entire industry surrounding pool building, pool buying, pool upkeep and pool accessories. But along with all the pleasantries and fanfare that accompany pools comes a great deal of dangers.

Different Types of Pools=Different Types of Dangers

Before you start adding safety features to your pool, you need to be aware of the specific dangers of the type of pool you have. One of the most common types of pools is the above ground pool. It is significantly cheaper than an in ground pool and can be easily emptied for cleaning, moved from house to house and disposed of if it is no longer desired. For an above ground pool you need to consider the following:

o Is the ladder to get into the pool safe?-above ground pools require ladders that are sometimes fairly long, depending on the depth of the pools. These ladders pose a serious threat because they are outside of the water and swimmers are stepping on the rungs with wet, slippery feet. It is important that these ladders are routinely checked for stability and safety. Any loose steps should be replaced immediately.

o Are swimmers sitting on the railing?-it is common for swimmers to want to rest on the railing when they tire from swimming. Doing so, however, can be deadly if a swimmer loses his or her balance and falls backwards. This type of fall can result in skull fractures or spine injuries.

In ground pools are desired because they are more aesthetically pleasing and typically much larger. In ground pools can result in the following:

o Drowning-if children are present in the house, a child proof fence and gate should be installed.

o Drain deaths-in ground pools contain extremely strong drains which can cause death if hair is caught within the drain.

o Slips and falls-running around the outside of these pools is a serious danger as most are surrounded by concrete and very slippery.

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