The Three Types of Swimming Pool Cleaners

by Pool Builders on 12-23-2009 in Articles

If you have just built a brand new swimming pool, you may still may so excited about all of the fun you and your family are enjoying. However, while swimming pools are a lot of fun, they can quickly turn into a lot of work when it comes time to clean them. Therefore, this article is going to discuss the three types of pool cleaners. By reading this article, you will be able to spend more time swimming and less time cleaning.

Very simply, there are three types of cleaners for your pool available. Let's discuss their characteristics so you will know which one is best for your situation.

If you are constrained by a budget, a manual cleaner may be best for you. Compared to the other two types of cleaners, these are the cheapest. Unfortunately, these cleaners require you to physically operate them.

The next type is the automatic pool cleaner. These are a huge improvement over the manual version. With these cleaners, you simply place them in the pool, turn them on, and let them go. The biggest disadvantage with this type of cleaner is that they clean in a random manner; this means that they could clean one area of the pool three times while totally neglecting another area of the swimming pool.

The third type of cleaner is the robotic pool cleaner. These are very similar to automatic pool cleaners but with one large difference. Robotic cleaners have a microchip in them so they clean the swimming pool in a programmed manner versus a random manner. The main disadvantage of this type of cleaner is that it is the most expensive and it sometimes breaks down more frequently than the other two types of cleaners.

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