The Thrilling Jim Corbett Park Resort  

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Jim Corbett National Park encloses 488 different genuses of plants and a diverse fauna. It is a paradise for the voyage seekers and wildlife adventurers. Some of the Jim Corbett Park Resorts are situated on the Kumaon Hills, which grab the attention of tourists for its beautiful serenity, the fresh mountain breeze, and the view of clean river water. The eye-catching points of these resorts are pristine surroundings, noise and air pollution free environment, excellent weather and fishing opportunity. These accommodations proffer different types of facilities like large swimming pool, swimming pool for toddlers, library, and conference facilities. To entertain the children there are different types of indoor and outdoor games like carom, chess, cards, football, volleyball, tennis, tug of war, and cricket. Youngsters can also entertain themselves by playing these games.

The resorts in Jim corbett offer vacationers different activities like swimming, mountaineering, trekking, bird-watching, fishing, elephant ride, jeep safari, excursions to Ranikhet and Nainital, rock climbing, rappelling, and river crossing. Some resorts take care of their tourists by providing the services of massage, sauna, naturopathy, ayurvedic, stress relieving, weight reduction, and beauty therapies. A few flophouses offer the amenities of big cerulean, river side swimming pool, an atrium, rare drift wood collection, an amphitheatre, meditation and yoga halls to give stress free environment to the sightseers. The vegetable and rosemary gardens inside, abundant green lawns and the adjoining hill ranges of these resorts give a pollution free atmosphere, oxygen rich, pure and fresh air.

Some of the resorts in Jim corbett conduct jeep safari game view by professional wildlife guides in open gypsy to Bijrani range forest, Jhirna & Lohachaur. The duration of this game view is for about four hours and is performed early morning or in the afternoon until sunset. The typical processes of viewing wildlife or tiger trailing is in open jeeps and are driven by the expert guide and accompanied by nature guide. Six people can sit comfortably in the gypsy. These lodgings proffer the service of trained nature guide who help the vacationers to visit and acquire the complete information of Jim Corbett National Park, to spot wild animals and make sure that they do not lose their way inside the wood.

Many of the Jim Corbett Park Resorts give the opportunity of elephant safari to their visitors in open sky and the sounds of the elephant's feet and the creaks of the wooden howdah which gives pleasure and excitement to them. The trained elephants of these resorts go all the way through the dense dark forests, deep valleys and rocky paths that present an enduring excitement to the adventure lover and admired by the enlightening mystery of the land.

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