The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Swimming Pool Cover

by Pool Builders on 10-10-2010 in Articles

Anyone who has had a swimming pool, even on holidays, knows that a swimming pool cover is a must-have, because it saves you much more then just the tedious job of fishing leaves out of the water. Here are the top five reasons why you should save yourself the time, hassle and money NOW and invest in a pool cover:

Covers prevent water loss, saving you money on your water bill.

Any veteran pool owner will tell you that filling up your pool is hassle, and can get expensive in the summer months. A cover solves this dilemma because when you're not swimming, you can cover the pool and nip that natural evaporation in a bud. By preventing water loss, not only are you saving money, you are also practicing environmental ownership by preventing the needless loss of water.

Covers help you stay safe

Children, animals and intoxicated friends can't drown in a pool if it's covered. At worst they can get a bit wet and struggle to get out like a giant waterbed, but crashing through the surface and drowning is extremely unlikely with a quality cover. A covered pool also looks neater when entertaining in the colder months.

Covers help keep the water chemical balance stable, saving you money and hassle.

Water isn't the only thing that evaporates from an uncovered pool. So does your expensive water treatment chemicals, and this loss of water can also unhelpfully concentrate the chemicals present in the water, making the swimming experience less enjoyable, and the cleaning and balancing experience more expensive. Even if you have a salt-water pool, the level of salinity in the water will increase rapidly with the dehydration. A cover prevents unnecessary double spending and chemical correction by maintaining the water level.

Covers lesson the sunlight hitting your pool, which is great for protecting your pool from algae.

Many common forms of algae require sunlight to flourish, so a pool cover can prevent a rapid take over of your lovely swimming space by green and grey goo, creeping up the sides of your pool. While a good pool cleaner will chug away slowly throughout the pool keeping it clean, a pool cover means there is just less algae and bacteria to kill, making for a cleaner, safer swim.

Covers give you 6 extra months of swimming by heating up the water.

You can choose to utilize a solar-heating pool cover in the winter months to get maximum use out of your pool even when it's chilly. Swimming pools don't need to be just a summer leisure spot, and you can keep swimming the whole year through regardless of the temperature if you use a solar-heating pool cover. This is especially valuable if you're using your pool for fitness or flexibility improvement, or the significant benefits that swimming achieves for pregnant women.

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