The Top 5 Ways to Winterize Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 05-24-2009 in Articles

1. Invest in a pool cover. This is the first line of defense to keep your pool clean. During winter, a properly fixed pool cover can keep the majority of dust, debris and light out. Without incoming light, mould and algae can't fully grow. The cover also seals the pool against wind blown dirt. The same pool cover also reduces heat and evaporation loss during summer. With these year round benefits, they are one of the best investments you can make for a pool.

2. It might seem a waste, but add chemicals. Algae, bacteria etc can grow in most
temperatures so you need to prevent them. Add standard pool shock, algaecide, ph balancers and sanitizers. Some pool shops offer a winterizing treatment. Salt chlorinators make chlorination easy as they usually have a winter mode. Basically, a high level of chemicals acts as a preventer over winter.

3. Remove all debris to stop stain and build up. Vacuum and skim leaves, bugs and silt from the pool. A mixture of cleaning actions such as pool filtration, auto pool cleaner use, brushing the walls or simply using a scoop net, ensures the pool water, sides and floor are clean and clear.

4. Do periodic filtration and cleaning. Most auto cleaners can work underneath a pool cover. Pool filtration systems can be switched on as and when you need them. A routine test of the water's chemical balance can tell you when these actions are needed. Test kits can be bought from any pool shop with easy step by step instructions.

5. Fix the pool cover securely. Wind can easily blow debris under edges or corners of the cover. An unsecured pool cover can act a bit like a sail under wind pressure. Failure to properly secure the cover could result in it coming off or folding back, during high winds or heavy rains.If the cover is a loose style, weigh down at intervals with sand or water filled bags.

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