The Top Five Most Important Facts to Learn Regarding Fort Worth Pool Leak Detection  

by Pool Builders on 08-11-2012 in Articles

Owning a swimming pool can be an exciting way to have fun with your closest family and friends. One downfall to having a pool is that it can be tricky to maintain a swimming pool without proper knowledge. Forth Worth pool leak detection is a very hot topic when researching basic information regarding pool maintenance. The following information will provide you with informative tips on how to find a leak in your pool.

Basic Tips for Spotting a Leak

Check out the Equipment Pad

Always look at the equipment pad and carefully look at the heater, pipe valves, filter and pump. If the ground is moist, that may be your first sign that you have a leak. If your pool has a vinyl liner, always look for tears and separations near the skimmers, fittings, lights and steps. Using a skimmer to mark the water level is very easy. All you need is a grease pencil and some tape. After you have completed this task, check back in 24 hours to see how much water the pool has lost. If the pool has lost more than a inch within a 24 hour period, chances are that you more than likely have a leak.

Finding the Leaks Location

If you have realized that your pool has a leak, it is important that you shut off the filtration system and check out the location where the water no longer drips. A pool with a vinyl liner will need to have a decent amount of water in it all of the time. Do not continue this test if your pool has a liner and the level of water is rapidly dropping. It is important that you quickly add water and speak with a pool professional. If your water stops near the skimmer opening, your leak is most likely near or in the filtration system or skimmer. Some pools water ends at the light, which means that the leak is most likely around the light housing. When the water is under the light, a leak would possibly be in the drain near the bottom of the pool.

The Majority of Leaks are Not Detectable Without the Help of a Professional

Most Fort Worth leak detection professional will tell you that it is hard for pool owners to spot the majority of leaks. This information is completely true because many leaks are so small that they are hard to find. It would not hurt to contact a professional as soon as you suspect a problem with your swimming pool. Remember, they are here to help you resolve any issues that you may have with your pool.

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