The Top Things You Need to Do To Prepare Your Child for Each of Their Swimming Classes  

by Pool Builders on 11-15-2012 in Articles

There is nothing more exciting for a parent than to see their child enjoying time in the water. A lot of parents enrol their little ones into swimming classes for children so they can learn water safety. The age most children take their first lesson is 3 years old but before a child can take their first lesson, a parent should make sure they are equipped with the necessary supplies and equipment so each lesson will be as safe as it will be enjoyable.

Buy the Appropriate Head Gear

Most swimming classes require that children have a swim cap before they can enter the water. You should choose a cap that has an adequate tip because this is where the talcum powder will be placed. Talcum powder is a very common item to use for moisture absorption, and most parents carry it when they are out with their toddlers. The powder will help keep their heads dry, and reduce the possibility of ear infections. Children who have sensitive skin will also benefit from the use of talcum powder.

Keep Their Eyes Free From Water

Swimming pools, both indoor and outdoor, are usually filled with chlorine. This is great at reducing the amount of germs that are in the water, but it can wreak havoc on a small child's eyes. Before you take your toddler to swimming classes for children, buy them a set of goggles to protect their eyes from the water. The goggles should fit perfectly on their head without being too loose or too tight. It would be best to find a pair of goggles that are made with a strap that is adjustable. This will ensure that water cannot enter their eyes.

Ask About Other Necessary Equipment

Some equipment may be deemed as optional by the instructor, and some instructors may prefer you to refrain from buying certain things. A lot of parents feel more comfortable if their child has a flotation device with them when they enter the water. Some instructors frown on these items because they feel that the child will develop a dependence on them and will never learn to swim efficiently on their own.

The one thing that parents should always remember is to stay close to the pool when their child is having their lesson. They should also be supportive and praise their child for the effort they are making. This will help the child enjoy the experience more.

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