The Trouble with the Gym  

by Pool Builders on 01-04-2012 in Articles

Over the years l have invested my money in some of the well-known gyms around London, many having great facilities such as steam rooms, saunas, Jacuzzi and a large swimming pool. These are great things to have in your gym but the truth is how often do you actually use them. For me it wasn't that often maybe the swimming pool now and then but that would have been it

You see gym membership isn't cheap especially if you live in a large city like London, not only do you pay a large sum for your memberships but you have also have to carry on paying every month to be able to use their gym.

The other problem l have is time, l can only get to the gym at certain hours normally 6 to 8pm and as you may already know if you are a member of a gym in a big city that it gets very busy at these times. Waiting around for ten minutes to get on some sort of aerobic machine or to get on the weights is not how l likes to spend my time at a gym.

Two months ago now l decided enough was enough and decided to quit the gym and to buy my own fitness products such as weights, treadmills, rowing machines Swiss balls and a product l came across on the television called the flex belt. After reading The Flex Belt Reviews to find out Does The Flex Belt Work, l decided to add this to my collection of gym equipment. Now I have got a decent looking gym inside my garage. Okay there is no swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and so on but as l mentioned before l never used them at the gym anyway.

Even though l had to spend a bit of money to get my hands on this equipment but in the long run it will work out a lot cheaper for me than spending my money on an expensive gym and the best of all l don't have to waste 10 minutes of my time on waiting on a machine's to use and l don't have to listen to that dreadful music they play. There is one down side though and that is at the gym there is no need for me to clean the equipment but back at my own place l don't think l would be able to get away with it.

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