The Truth About Clearing Your Green Swimming Pool Water

by Pool Builders on 10-05-2007 in Articles

If you are unlucky enough to have a green pool, it is important that you clear it up right away. The first thing you need to do is to get rid of all the debris like sticks and leaves that are floating around in the pool. Then test the water and correct the pH level as well as the alkalinity levels. You can do this by using either ph Up or pH Down depending on if your levels are too high or too low.

Next, you have to shock the pool, shock is basically a high powered chlorine that kills the bacteria in the pool. You can buy either liquid shock or powdered. Depending on how green your pool is will depend on how much shock you will need. You may need one or two gallons of liquid shock or 4 to 5 depending on the size of your pool and how bad it is. Always remember you cannot add too much shock. You must run your filter 24 a day and use the backwash ( very important to remember to backwash ) 4 times a day.

Try vacuuming the pool as well, if the sides and bottom of the pool have algae on it then vacuuming may help get rid of some of it...but I find that brushing the walls and floor does a much better job. Do not stop using these methods until the pool is totally clear. Make sure your filter is running properly. Doing all of these steps will guarantee a clear pool in a matter of days.

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