The Truth Behind 6 Yeast Infection Myths  

by Pool Builders on 06-25-2012 in Articles

A medical condition that is caused by an overgrowth of the candida yeast is called a yeast infection. As with many other health conditions, there are some misconceptions about this condition and listed below are the truths behind these myths:

1. Only women get infected with yeast infection.

The fungus responsible for yeast infection lives in a human body, be it a man, woman, child, or baby. It does thrive better in a dark, moist and warm area, such as the vagina. But it can also grow in the penis or the mouth, as with men and children. It can also affect the skin and the intestines. The yeast grow due to many factors like taking antibiotics, lack of hygiene, allergies to laundry detergents and chronic stress.

2. A special diet can help cure the infection.

Yeast rely on sugar for its sustenance, and if you keep incorporating this in your diet, such as with drinking sweetened tea or coffee, or eating starchy food, it would be harder to get rid of it. A healthy dose of probiotics, like eating unsweetened yogurt daily, can help with the infection. There is no specific or special diet needed though. You just need to reduce sugar intake and keep your meals balanced.

3. Yeast infection can be contacted from swimming.

There are chemicals in the swimming pool so that microorganisms are controlled, which means that basically, pool water is clean and you cannot get yeast infection from it. But take note that soaking in wet swimming apparel can trigger yeast infection, so you need to wash and dry your body after swimming, so that Candida does not grow.

4. Candidiasis does not post any health threats.

This is generally true. But this doesn't mean that you do not have to see a doctor to get treatment and proper diagnosis. Otherwise, a complication can develop. Self-medicating may also make the condition worse, so it's better to seek the help of a professional. You will also have to have a good immune system to fight off these infection, and not maintaining good health consequently weakens your body that on the onset of an infection, such conditions can lead to fatal results.

5. Only molested children can get genital yeast infections.

Children are vulnerable to this at any situation. The soaps used, for example, can be harmful to the vagina in a little girl. If you suspect candidiasis in children, it's better to have a doctor check this so that you know the right cause. It's possible that the child's body chemistry has been disrupted by medication or the environment. If it's from molestation, other symptoms should also manifest.

6. It's easy to diagnose a yeast infection.

It's actually not because there are some symptoms that are similar to other bacterial infection. If you think you have the symptoms, but you're unsure if it's for yeast infection, have a doctor check this. The symptoms with men are also harder to tell, as they are less pronounced.

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