The Uniquely Featured Facilities and Activities at Ambalama  

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The theme that nurtures Ambalama is unique and exceptional. The following are some of the differentiating factors within Amabalama which sets it apart, with a blend of historic and natural feel put into each aspect.

The Conference Hall
€AttapattuMaduwa' as it was called in earlier days is the name given to the waiting room in an ancient Sinhala palace. The commoners who once arrived to visit the king with their gifts and complaints were made to wait in the AttapattuMaduwa until the meeting. Replicating the same tradition the conference hall of the Ambalama is known as the €AttapattuMaduwa€.

Ayurvedic Centre
Wedegedera- Doctor's Clinic: The hotel has an Ayurvedic Centre which will indulge the hotel patrons to Sri Lanka's traditional Ayurvedic massages and other treatments. It is divided into 2 dormitories each having 4 beds. One is name as Panchakarma which provide Ayurveda treatments such as head massage, body massage, Sherodara etc. Panchakarma is meant to purify the whole body by eliminating accumulated toxins. The specialty of this treatment is that it can be administered both to a healthy individual as well as to a sick person. Purification of the body is performed through detoxification by five methods: Vamana, Virechana, Vasthi, Nasyam and Rakthamoksha. Panchakarma is very useful for diseases like Arthritis, Paralysis, Hemiplegia, sexual weaknesses, nervous disorder, insomnia, loss of memory, headaches. Other called Sarpawisa which provides treatments for bite by snakes and others.

The Bar
€InguruWadiya' is the name of the bar at Ambalama, and it is quite a place to experience, trying to recreate the mood/old tradition of toddy drinking. Clay pots, which were once used to hang on the coconut trees for toddy, now hang on the roof of the €InguruWadiya'. With cement lamp shades and wine barrels as tables, it creates a rustic feeling to the whole atmosphere. Each table is named after an old Sri Lankan town.

Day Tours
A distinctive feature of Ambalama in comparison to others in the region is the availability of different day tours. We realize that patrons would love to be escorted by trained tour guides to interesting sights and this is part of the experience tours of Amabalama. Some of the day tours available are:
¶ Kaluganga flowing in front of Ambalama within walking dist. of 100m, where a river bath is a custom among the guests.
¶ Most of the trees in the hotel area are labelled. For nature lovers this is an ideal place for beautiful walks where one can see Sri Lanka's natural plants and pretty flowers.
¶ Kamatha - Play area for kids with traditional play units. This represents the kamatha of the days of yore which made the village children in Sri Lanka, a good playground when it was not being used for harvesting, this modern kamatha comprises of toys and play items for children, made out of logs.
¶ The environmentally and socially friendly living conditions.
¶ Site being in close proximity to a number of high-grade rubber estates and factories.
¶ Being in close proximity also to environmental, economic, cultural and historic sites.
¶ Duvili Ella waterfall.
¶ A temple near Kosgama and
¶ Labugama and Kalatuwewa reservoirs.

Ambalama being a boutique hotel loves to pamper its patrons with class, style and difference and hence these day tours will include a picnic lunch at the sight seeing location. The whole area is a holidaymakers' dream come true! In these cool climes, guests can trek through the marsh land sites, or walk through the garden and plantations or to the reservoirs and along the Kaluganga river bank. If guests so wish, they can visit the local version of the Disneyland, "Leisure World", which is an attraction for kids a few kilometres away from the town.

Resident guest(s) will be able to trek through the vast pristine natural marsh land. The experts attached to the boutique hotel will provide opportunities to explore the ranges.

The retaurant will offer Asian, Eastern and Western food which will pander to any taste and preferences. The hotel will also serve a special health conscious menu served with organic food specially grown for the hotel by the villagers. The restaurant is an open air deck, also called the 'Pinthaliya' for those who wish to be closer to nature as they sip their fresh fruit juice or nibble the numerous short-eats. Ambalama serves traditional, International and Chinese cuisine. In keeping with the tradition the Restaurant serves predominantly Sri Lankan Food.

Swimming Pool
Among the facilities, the 'Ul pan geya' or the swimming pool with a pool side bar again keeping the natural theme of the place. The swimming pool is built in one of the clay pits left over from brick-making days. The area is surrounded by trees and constructed to withstand the force of flood waters, as we did not use tile, but polished concrete. At present chemicals are used to disinfect the water, but the hotel is looking into the future use of a carbonic material for that purpose. Six inches of pebbles have been placedat the bottom of the pool to massage the feet, as in a natural pond.

The Sport Centre
The boutique hotel also well equipped with a clubhouse / sports centre. The clubhouse / sports centre will provide facilities such as a gym, a billiards table, a well-stocked bar and well equipped board room facilities.

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