The Untold Secrets of a Solar Pool Heater - Revealed

by Pool Builders on 06-29-2009 in Articles

If you own a swimming pool, you understand the expense it takes to keep it running smoothly. A great alternative to the traditional pool heaters that tend to be extremely expensive is a solar pool heater. By using the sun as your heating source, you can decrease the monthly electric bill that you currently have. Although the instillation of this system can feel pricey, within just a few years you will begin to reap the rewards. In addition, you are making a responsible choice that is environmentally friendly and decreases your carbon footprint on the world.

The function of a solar pool heater is fairly basic. The necessary elements include solar collectors, a water pump, the sun and your swimming pool water. The solar collectors or strategically placed in areas that receive a great amount of sun on a daily basis. These collectors trap the suns rays thus increasing in temperature, then the pump, forces the pool water through the collectors. The water then picks up the increased heat, warming the water and returns to the pool. This process increases the over all temperature of the pool's water for a more enjoyable time in the pool.

Obviously, a pool that is located in a sunny region like California or Florida will have better results with a solar pool heater, than a pool that is located in an area that does not receive as much sun on a daily basis. Due to the cost involved, it is important to discuss your needs with a professional that understands the specifics of your area. And because these can last up to twenty years, you may want to consider a professional instillation.

Although, installing a system to heat your pool may only be the beginning to helping you decrease your monthly costs. In addition to a solar pool heater, a great addition is a pool cover. Your pool loses a lot of heat during the night. By covering them, you are able to contain the heat better, and if left on during the hot days you are able to trap even more heat. Technology is always moving forward to help better the world we live in, by replacing an old heating system with one of this type, you are also moving forward and maintaining a friendly relationship with the environment.

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