The Uses and Benefits of Enzyme Based Swimming Pool Chemicals

by Pool Builders on 11-20-2005 in Articles

A highly effective new line of enzyme based swimming pool chemicals has recently been introduced to the pool industry. These all-natural swimming pool products break down harmful organics present in swimming pool water using enzymes, instead of harsh chemicals traditionally used for this purpose. These helpful pool enzymes have no affect on swimmers, and are completely safe to store and handle. When used with reduced levels of chlorine (or bromine), these pool enzyme products are an important part of a very effective low chlorine pool maintenance routine.

The real purpose of a pool sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) is to kill harmful bacteria, however the sanitizer will naturally also work to break down any organic contamination in swimming pool water. The sanitizer is used up in the process of fighting organics, and a higher concentration of the sanitizer is require to ensure that any bacteria is also quickly neutralized. When pool enzymes are added on a regular basis, these enzymes eat up and break down all organic material in the pool water. If safe and natural enzymes are used to eliminate all organics in the water, less chlorine is needed to effectively kill bacteria. This saves money on swimming pool chemicals, and the reduced level of harsh sanitizer is much easier on the skin, hair and eyes of swimmers.

Enzymes are also an excellent pool stain remover, if staining is caused by something organic such as leaves sitting on the floor of a pool over the winter. Unsightly staining may also form at the water line of swimming pools, and is caused by the oils left in the pool water by swimmers. Oils float on the surface of the pool water, and combine with dirt or minerals to accumulate on the pool surface and form the stain. Enzymes added on a regular basis will eat away at the oils, to eventually remove the ugly water line stain and prevent the stain from returning.

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