The Uses of Polaris 380 Pool Cleaners

by Pool Builders on 05-03-2009 in Articles

Polaris 380 Pool Cleaners are especially designed for the in-ground pools. The booster pump is sold separately with the Polaris 380 Pool Cleaners. There are three jets which provide greater vacuum power and faster cleaning.

o Time required: It takes 3 hours or even less time to clean with the help of Polaris 380 Pool Cleaner. Since the required time span is small, most people prefer this to the other pool cleaners.

o Side and bottom of the pool: Polaris 380 Pool Cleaners sweeps and scrubs the bottom and walls of various sizes and shapes. It can scrub the pool of vast size and can also wipe its walls and clean it. Since Polaris 380 Pool Cleaners has the capacity to clean the bottom of the pool as well as the sides, it is one of the most preferred cleaning items. Often it is seen that the stains at the bottom of the pool and the debris at the sides cannot be removed easily. They become hard like stone and therefore require manual labor to remove them. With a helping hand comes the Polaris which consists of stain and debris removing brush. They can easily remove the stains and debris and can make the pool algae and fungus free.

o Separate Booster pump: Polaris 380 Pool Cleaners consists of a separate Booster pump. It works independently from the rest of your pool system and thus the natural flow of the waves remains intact.

o Unique filter bag: There is a unique filter bag which has the capacity to remove debris before it enters your pump basket or filter. This helps in prolonging the life of your filtration system. Your filtration system will remain intact and will last for a long time. Since the cleaner has its own bag, it does not clot the filtration system and there is little or nor requirement to change the valve of the filter once in a year. This point makes it better than the rest and people who owns swimming pool often finds the Polaris 380 more suitable than the rest

o Black Max Model: Polaris 380 Pool Cleaners is available in a Black Max Model to complement dark bottom pools and are extensively used for the dark bottom pools.

Polaris 380 Complete Cleaner comprises the following:

o Cleaner Body
o Sweep Hose
o Sweep Hose Scrubber
o Feed Hose
o Hose Floats
o All-Purpose Zippered Bag
o Head Float
o Back-up Valve
o In-line Filter Assembly
o Quick Disconnect with Universal Wall Fitting (UWF)
o Restrictor Disks (one red and one blue)

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