The Value Of A Backyard Vacation  

by Pool Builders on 04-07-2008 in Articles

There are things that stay the same about the end of spring and the summer season year after year: longer days, better temperatures, more family fun time, and the traditional family vacation to a destination that's usually far away.

But nowadays, one of the things that changes from year to year is the price of that vacation.

With an economic downturn and an anticipated record spike in summertime gas prices, it might be time to take a good, long look at your very own backyard vacation--the addition of an above ground or in ground swimming pool to your home.

The gas price crunch affects every aspect of your planned family vacation--from travel costs by air or by driving, to an increase in hotel rates, to the price of goods and services you either purchase along the way, or while you're at your vacation spot. The money you use for this one-time trip could put you well on your way toward financing the ownership of a swimming pool.

A backyard vacation never has a line to wait in; is open whenever you want it to be and is a fresh, fun, enjoyable activity for friends and family alike. But perhaps the biggest difference in owning a pool is once it has been installed, it is available year after year for you, your family and your friends. That means it's an investment that retains its value over time, unlike a traditional vacation that demands a whole new pricetag with each passing year.

A pricetag that can change drastically with economic conditions.

A swimming pool is wonderful, wet, warm, and welcoming addition to your lifestyle, no matter how many swimmers the pool is meant for. Swimming relaxes the muscles and is forgiving to tired joints and aching backs. And if it's games you seek, then a pool offers an almost unlimited variety of water play sure to fill many a summer's day.

The point is, there's a good argument to be made for taking a wholly different vacation this year--one that's as close as your very own backyard!

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