The Very Latest In Safety For Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 09-12-2011 in Articles

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If you own a swimming pool or are planning on having one installed at your home or business, no matter what size it is safety should be one of your prime concerns. Keep in mind that child can drown in even a small plastic pool that you can pick up at your local toy store. So drowning prevention should be included in the planning process, or if you have purchased a home that already has a pool, it should be a top priority.

What you may be interested in knowing though is that now for the homeowner only wants the best in safety products for their yard there's an incredible array a of amazing new high-tech gadgets available. Now of course it all starts with good solid fence that no doubt your local municipal codes will require of you. But for today's more alert homeowner that fence really just forms the outer barrier of a safety system that's comprised of more than one layer.

Now some of the new high-tech devices that are out there are nothing short of amazing. Technology that just a few years ago were too expensive for a lot of people is now surprisingly affordable to buy. As an example, cordless body heat and motion detection systems easily tell the difference between small children in a mammal and work in all kinds of weather. Plus the price on the sensors themselves has dropped to about $20 each.

Another common sense device that's also surprisingly affordable and easy use is a motion detecting pool float. The way this self contained battery-powered device works, is it's simply placed in the water where it functions to detect waves if anyone should enter the pool without your knowing. It's foolproof because it sounds the alarm even if someone attempts remove it from the water.

Then in the "low-tech" arena, a folding above ground pool ladder just makes so much sense. These clever ladders cost only a little more than a standard above ground pool ladder and they provide yet one more layer of protection for toddlers in particular. It simply pulls down when you're ready to use the pool, and then when you're done and ready to go back inside, simply fold the ladder up and access to the pool is blocked.

Even so, with all this high tech equipment making up a secure multilayered security system for your yard and pool when you're not around, you'll still need safety gear for when you are at the pool. For instance one must have piece of must have gear is a long aluminium pole with a large hook on the end for snagging kids and loose pool toys. Also make sure you have it adequate supply of pool floats for the kids to use.

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