The Weather Proof Above Ground Wooden Pool

by Pool Builders on 01-30-2012 in Articles

One of the best expanding markets in above ground pools is the wooden pool, which has been around for some time, but the latest developments seem to have given it a new lease of life. One of the major questions on above ground pools has always been its physical appearance. The sight of having a 5-foot high box of large proportions in your garden is something not always appreciated by the user. The recent changes in wood designs have made the appearance of some of these pools look extremely good and take away a lot of the previous problems and concerns.

The latest pools are made with a wood composite material which has 65 percent wood and 35 percent of a polymer which when mixed together produces a plastic composite that is very good in all weathers. It does not change colour and the finish can be smooth and fits in with the surroundings. It can even be mixed with some stone dust to give a stone like finish. The wood composite is treated against UV damage and provides some insulation properties.

The pool itself is a liner supported by a steel frame, which is coated in an aluminium oxide to stop rusting. The liner is slung from the steel frame and the wood composite is fixed around the outside of the pool to provide support and outside finish to the pool. These pools can be totally above the ground, half-submerged or totally submerged. They are best fitted onto a good concrete base, any flat base will do but if it is done right at the start then it will stay right.

The advantage is that some of these pools can be quite large, up to 8 metres in length and 4 metres wide with a 1.3 metre depth so they can be used for swimming as well as play and a party pool. It is possible to fit the pool with a swim jet system that produces a counter current from one end of the pool. This current can be adjusted and you can swim against the current for as long as you like. This provides the ability to get a good swimming work out without the requirement of turning every few metres. It also provides the younger members with a good play system. There are a variety of finishes that can be chosen and the architectural design has improved immensely.

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