The Wonder Recreation Area!  

by Pool Builders on 11-05-2012 in Articles

I happened to visit this amazing resort the other day. What really struck me was the recreation room at this resort! Although the resort was a 5-star property and had all the facilities that one would imagine. The recreation room was one of the many facilities that were there in the resort!

The recreation room was not exactly a room with four walls and a roof, it was rather a corner, an area where there were several different activities happening at the same time! So, letâEUR(TM)s just call it a recreation area so as to not to confuse ourselves! The best thing about the area was the décor and design of the place. It was so innovatively and so creatively done that just blew my mind away!

The recreation area had a swimming pool right in the center. The fun thing was the seating besides the swimming pool. There were composite laminate benches and tables by the side of the pool and since, laminate is a moisture resistant product, it made for a really interesting choice of furnishing especially by the pool side!

Apart from the pool, the area had this exercise corner which had all kinds of exercise equipment. Be it treadmill, electric cycle or anything else, the area had it all. The area also had this restroom or change room of sorts where people could take a shower quickly before and after getting into the pool or after exercising! And this shower area had some really good paneled partitions which looked as if they have been bought from the laminate manufacturers!

At the corner of the area were a snack corner and a juice corner which had some fabulous variety of healthy snacks being served! I simply loved this idea of healthy snacks and juices being served at the corner; this only added to the superb exercise/recreation area. It was like an accessory to the area. There were gloss laminate table tops all around for people to lounge around to have a good time. I myself spent such good time there watching the LCD!

There was a separate area attached to this whole exercise area which had the most brilliant collection of DVDs and CDs! There was a nice library attached to this area which had bean bags and nice comfortable chairs and tables for all the people who wanted some relaxed time with books and with themselves!

I really was mesmerized and amazed with the fabulous recreation area at the resort and I really hope I am able to visit the resort again!

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