The Wonders Of Hot Tubs  

by Pool Builders on 03-05-2011 in Articles

It is lovely to soak in a hot tub, is it not? After a long day at work or sorting the family out - driving the kids to and from school and then to the scouts, sports club or music lessons. Being stuck in traffic on the way home or waiting in the queue at the supermarket, a long soak in a hot tub helps wash it all away.

Consider then what a hot tub spa or Jacuzzi could do? Sitting in a hot spa tub with a long cool drink while six jets are blasting hot water and bubbles at you, massaging you gently, easing the stresses of the day away.

You could place one in the garden or in the bathroom. You could even buy a portable hot spa tub and move it into the garden in the summer and back inside in the winter. If you ask most people what they would like to have in the manner of home improvement, a swimming pool would almost certainly be number one and a Jacuzzi number two.

There again, a lot of people do not have the room for a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi is a lot cheaper than a swimming pool too. Water has a calming effect on individuals. Perhaps it is a primeval memory of when we came out of the sea millions of years ago or perhaps it is a more recent memory of being in the womb.

Whatever the reason or even combination of reasons, people like to be in, around or on water, it calms and revitalizes us. And frothing, bubbling water is even more relaxing and even more revitalizing. Hence the popularity of hot tub spas.

Another reason may be gravity. All day long we are lumbering around, each foot step sending shock waves into our body and gravity pulling down on so that we feel each ounce of our weight, but once we are in water, we are buoyed up and the effects of our weight and of gravity are experienced far less.

In fact, up to 30% less. Furthermore, we are ninety-odd percent water, so no surprise we feel tranquil in a hot tub. But that is not all that a soak in a hot tub does. It warms you right through, through to the marrow and that relieves minor aches and pains. The reduction in gravity is also said to be a relief to sufferers of arthritis.

There are probably other reasons too why individuals feel more relaxed in a tub of hot water, especially a whirlpool kind spa tub, but one for me is that I will not get out of the tub for anything with the exception of to get another drink. Once I am in there, I do not care if the phone rings or the door bell chimes. The house would have to be on fire to get be me out before my skin looks like a wrinkled old prune.

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