The World’s Most Amazing Swimming Pools!  

by Pool Builders on 05-02-2012 in Articles

We all love taking a trip to the local pool, but some pools are in another class from the average swimming pool. These swimming pools are fabulous, a nice change from the average swimming outing. Find out more about the world's most amazing swimming pools.

Dive into The Library Resorts Swimming Pool!

The Library Resort is a gorgeous modern hotel built in Koh Samui, Thailand. The entire hotel is decorated in a unassuming minimalist design theme, and is centered around the colors red, white, black, and grey. Due to this theme, there is no place for a blue colored pool. So, the decorators of the resort planned to make the pool bright red. The intense red pool is viewed in huge contrast to the neighboring deep blue sea and green grass. The hotel's swimming pool has been featured in various design magazines and internet blogs, and has become the subject of a well-known image that is being passed around the blogsite Tumblr.

The Second Featured Pool: The Joule

The Joule is a lodge in the heart of Dallas, Texas that shows off a pool that hangs over the edge of the building. This shocking infinity pool sits very high above the streets of downtown Dallas, with a window at the end that gives the illusion that the swimmer is swimming off the edge of the hotel. The pool is encircled by an immaculate deck area, which features VIP waiters and an outdoor caf©.

Check Out Pool Number Three: Seagaia Ocean Dome

The Seagaia Ocean Dome was originally located in Miyazaki, Japan. The swimming pool was originally an ocean and beach that was remade entirely inside. Aside from the fabulous oceanic pool, guests could relax on a pristine sand beach that was finished with palm trees and stone formations. The top of the building could open and close, enabling this enclosed beach operable in any type of weather. Unfortunately, the indoor beach closed in 2007 because of money issues. Regardless, it is still acknowledged around the world as one of the glorious swimming pools to have ever been built.

From Here to There, Beautiful Pools are Everywhere!

There are numerous other great swimming pools located around the globe - from pools that span acres in the West to one that reaches deep-sea diving depths in Brussels. You and your friends could definitely take pleasure in one of the world's most fabulous swimming pools on your upcoming getaways. It definitely tops the nearest community center!

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