The basics of hot tub maintenance   

by Pool Builders on 01-25-2012 in Articles

For the person who wants the relaxation of an in-ground pool and spa without the maintenance, cost, and installation, the self-contained hot tub provides an easier solution. However, there is still some maintenance involved with these types of units.

Although hot tubs and spas are both usually referred to as a hot tub, the technical difference is that a the first is a self-contained portable unit while a spa is the in-ground unit that usually works in synch with a pool. With such a difference in physicality, there is a different maintenance manual as well.

Self-contained systems must be drained occasionally because they are not connected to a pool's filtration system and chemicals, bacteria, and other substances can build up in the water. There is an equation for figuring out how often draining and refilling should be done: the number of gallons the tub contains should be divided by how many times a day the tub is used, and that number should be divided by three.

For example, if a 300 gallon hot tub is used twice a day by three people, the equation would be: 300 · 6 · 3= 16.66, so, roughly every seventeen days, you should drain, clean, and refill your tub. After refilling, remember that this water must be shocked and balanced before the it is used. Once the water is flowing again, it is also important to follow manufacturer's instructions for filtration maintenance because it is most likely specific to your model.

There are some other tub maintenance steps to keep in mind. They must be properly winterized with products specifically for the unit's winterization, meaning that there are special blankets, covers, and chemicals manufactured for this purpose. The chemical routine depends on the size and model, but expect to use chlorine tablets, or another sanitizer, at least once a week. There are handy kits that include all the necessary chemicals in one package.

Some available accessories for hot tubs include steps, umbrellas, cover lifts, multicolored lights and other fun pool and spa supplies. Another fun idea, and one that requires the least maintenance, is the inflatable portable hot tub. Imagine being able to take it with you wherever you go! Unpack it, plug it in, inflate, and fill.

Taking care of a hot tub may not be as much work as a pool, but there is still some work to it. Make sure you know how to properly care for your hot tub to ensure the relaxation never ends!

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