The different types of pool cleaners   

by Pool Builders on 11-27-2011 in Articles

Pool cleaners come in a variety of options depending on the needs of your pool. Finding just the right one can get tricky. You should evaluate the needs of your pool and choose a cleaner that fits best.

Robotic automatic pool cleaners are the most convenient type of pool cleaner available. They are considered €smart€ cleaners, as they have the ability to focus on tile lines or even learn the shape of your pool. They are electrically powered and preform a variety of functions--washing, scrubbing, vacuuming, filtering, etc.--all within one machine. With this cleaner, all you do is press a button and the cleaner will do its job. With brands like the Autobot, there are no hoses or connections to mess with. These cleaners use water jets to fight dirt on your pool's floor and tile. The cleaners that use jet propulsion help circulate water. They will have a pump that vacuums debris using its onboard filtration system. This self-contained filter is easy to maintain and clean. Some of them can even be remote controlled which can come in handy if you want to focus on a problem area of the pool. These robotic cleaners have grown in popularity over the last couple of years because of how much more technologically advanced they are than side-suction cleaners.

Side suction cleaners are the cleaners that require a hose hookup to your pool. They are usually hooked up to the skimmer and you have to be careful and make sure this kind of cleaner works well with your skimmer. This kind of cleaner removes dirt by creating a suction on the underside of the cleaner.

Pressure-side cleaners attach to your pool's circulation system and use the pressure created to create a vacuum that removes dirt and other debris from the pool. Sometimes, to achieve the necessary pressure, an additional pool pump is needed.

Keeping small pools and spas clean is a different matter. For spas and small pools that don't require an automatic cleaner, there are brooms and vacuums available. Rather than using a plunger, as some use for spas, it is more effective to use these handheld brooms and vacuums. You can even find water drainers like the Quick Drain to vacuum the pool as you drain water for extra cleanliness.

Whether your are a new pool owner or replacing your old pool cleaner, considering a robotic automatic pool cleaner can save a lot of hassle.

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