The importance of additional pool insurance  

by Pool Builders on 11-07-2007 in Articles

The importance of additional pool insurance

Although most people have homeowner's insurance, there are additional considerations to take when you have a pool in your home. Your homeowner's insurance may not cover your swimming pool, and therefore, there are certain risks associated to the lack of coverage.

Conditions and coverage for homeowners and swimming pool insurance

If you fall into any one of the following categories, then it is important to consider evaluating your homeowner's insurance to include a swimming pool:

· You are currently an owner of a swimming pool.
· You are buying a home installed with a swimming pool.
· You are planning to install a swimming pool.

Whatever category fits your situation, it is important to ensure that you are protected by the right insurance. It ensures a heightened degree of swimming pool safety; it also increases your coverage, and therefore, the amount of the premiums as well. Thus, it is better to get price quotes from several reputable companies to compare similar policies before deciding which insurance carrier offers a policy that meets your needs.

A typical homeowner insurance policy covers:
§ The actual home.
§ Structures adjacent to it (e.g. a car shed or a workshop).
§ Personal possessions and liabilities.

The swimming pool is usually placed under the categories of adjacent structures and liabilities. These two categories are often only covered partially with certain terms and conditions, which often limit even the partial coverage of the swimming pool. Therefore, it is essential that you purchase an additional insurance rider that specifically lists coverage for liabilities in case someone gets injured and sues. Statistics show that if you have a swimming pool, there will be accidents. Insurance companies recommend that you purchase up to a million dollars in liability insurance.

Protect yourself with additional insurance

The more coverage you have under your swimming pool liability insurance, the more protected you and your assets are for the worst-case scenario. Nothing is more tragic than a death, and if a friend or relative dies in the swimming pool, lawsuits may emerge to sue for the damages. With swimming pool insurance coverage, you are covered for any of the legal expenses and judgments. Comparing the cost-benefit analysis, the small quarterly premiums you pay for swimming pool insurance may be worth the one million dollars you will save in court fees and judgments.

Your pool can be a wonderful asset to your home, and it is important to ensure that it is either covered under your homeowner's policy or an additional pool policy. You may rest assured that you and your assets will be protected if worst-case scenario law suits ever arose out of a tragic accident.

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