The important four points to look for prior to purchasing a automatic pool cleaner  

by Pool Builders on 04-28-2010 in Articles

Robotic pool cleaners happen to be an absolute pleasure for any individual that adores spending these hot afternoons by the pool but hates the chores of preserving the swimming pool in running order. They can do all the tough work for you, but you do have to make sure that you pick the right one.

Vacuum pressure

Suppose you dump your machine in the water, and for the first twenty minutes it's off like a Trojan accumulating anything that gets in its way. Then all of a sudden it begins not having enough steam. Upcoming it's just pushing twigs and leaves out of the way instead of sweeping all of them up. Several robotic cleaners could drop their vacuum pressure when the filter bag gets full; ensure that the one which you purchase keeps its vacuum pressure up for the whole procedure.

Filter size

That modern and skinny robotic pool cleaner seems wonderful and you marvel at it as it glides effortlessly round the base of the pool. Its done about 50 % of of the pool when you all of sudden realise that the filter is full and you have to haul it out the pool and clean it out. This isn't the convenience you payed all that cash for. Prior to deciding to purchase a robotic pool cleaner which looks fine, ensure that the filter size is sufficient to clean your whole swimming pool in one go.

Wall and step ability

In the event the bottom of your pool is spotless but the steps and the sides of the walls remain green you're not likely to be delighted. Some robotic pool cleaners have a excellent ability to glide around the depths of the swimming pool but in terms of the step, its just one to far - they can't get there. A similar thing with the walls, these machines are designed to get up to the waterline in order to wash algae off the sides of the walls. If they do not have the power or the grip to get to the top of the wall then you need to find one that will


Robotic pool cleaners either come with an internal computer which attempts to understand the structure of the swimming pool and map the most efficient route to cleaning it or a systematic process which cleans the swimming pool in steps and senses where there are things in front of it. Even though initial way is most likely where the technologies may head, currently you would want to be selecting the latter since the process by which your pool is mapped invariably results in a place that is overlooked.

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