The lotus pool in the moonlight  

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A cinder - path winds along beside the pool. It's off the beaten track and few pass this way even by day, so at night it is even quieter. Trees grow thick and green around the pool, willows and others I can not name the path. The evenings when there is no moon the track is almost frightening darkness, but tonight it was pretty clear, even if the moon was pale.

Walking alone on the street, hands behind his back, I felt like the whole earth and sky were mine and I step outside my usual self into another world. I like both excitement and stillness, under the full moon, I think what they are or anything, and that gave me a sense of freedom. All day duties could be ignored. He had the advantage of solitude: I could fully enjoy the expanse of fragrant lotus and the moonlight.

As for the view, pool with its winding margin was covered with blades, the water rose high and flared skirts of the dancers. And with these levels of leaves were white lotus flowers, shyly seductive open or button, shining like pearls, stars in a blue sky, or beauties fresh from the bathroom. The breeze carried past gusts of fragrance, like the chords of a song faintly heard from a distant tower. And leaves and blossoms trembled slightly, while in a moment the smell was born. As the slope of the leaves almost tight, a wave of opaque emerald could be glimpsed. These are the waters under the light of water, hidden from view, the color invisible, but the leaves looked more stylish than ever.

Moonlight cascaded like water over the lotus leaves and flowers, and a blue haze floating in the pool made them seem washed in milk or caught in a hazy dream. Although the moon was full, a film of pale clouds in the sky would not allow its rays to shine brightly, but I felt it was very good - though refreshing sleep is indispensable, short naps have a charm all its own. As the moon shone behind them, the dense trees on the hills that frame casting shadows, dark shapes and shadows seemed little demons, graceful willows seemed painted on the lotus leaves. The moonlight on the pool was not uniform, but light and shadow made up a harmonious rhythm like a beautiful melody played on a violin.

Near and far, high and low around the pool were trees, of which most of the Willows. These trees were completely blocked in the pool, only small clearings left by the path, apparently intended for the moon. All the trees were somber as dense smoke, but among them you could make out the luxuriant willows, while faintly above the tree-tops loomed distant hills - only the outlines. And between the trees appeared one or two street lamps, listless as the eyes of someone drowsy. Liveliest sounds at this time were the crickets chirping and frogs croaking in the trees, swimming pool, but this animation was their own, I had no part.

Then the Lotus gathering flashed into my mind. This was the old way south of the Yangtse, which apparently originated very early and was more popular in the six realms, * as we see the traces of time. Lotus had gathered the girls in small boats, who sang songs such as eerie stuffed. They started to move, we can be sure, and there was also the audience that the festival was a happy, romantic-One. We are in the poem by Emperor Yuan of the Liang dynasty called Lotus collectors:

A smart guys and pretty girls
Agree boat;
Their stern tilts slowly
But winecups pass quickly;
The oars are entangled,
When they pass through the duckweed,
And the girls are slim waist
Turn to the back of the eye.
Now the spring and summer meet,
The leaves are soft, fresh flowers;
With smiles they protect their silks,
Drawing in their skirts, afraid that the boat will go.

We have a picture of these merry excursions. This must have been a wonderful event, and it's a shame we can not enjoy today.I also remember a few lines of the poem of the West Islet
When they gather in the autumn lotus Nantang
Lotus flowers are higher than their heads;
To bend down to pick lotus seeds,
Seeds translucent like water.

If the girls are here now to pick the lotus flowers rise above their heads too much - Oh, rippling shadows alone are not enough! I felt very homesick South, I was surprised when I looked up to find I had reached her door. Pushing it slightly open, and on tiptoe, I found all quiet inside, and my wife fast asleep.

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