The most overlooked pool dangers   

by Pool Builders on 03-12-2012 in Articles

Everyone knows the pool safety basics: swim with a buddy, supervise children, use sunblock. But there are other overlooked dangers that pool owners should know about.

Stored chemicals. Both liquid and tablet forms of chemicals present a danger to a pool owner's family. If these chemicals are left in the open, then children can get ahold of them and expose them to their skin, or, even worse, ingest them. This can be a problem for pets, too. Make it clear to children than chemicals aren't to be played with and keep them out of reach on a high shelf or locked up in a trunk or cabinet. If someone does get themselves into the chemicals, be sure to call poison control right away.

Chewing gum, eating, or drinking while swimming. Chewing gum or eating while swimming is a choking hazard. Swimming can make a person distracted, and this is a danger especially if you're holding your breath underwater. It's easy for gum or a piece of food to get stuck €down the wrong tube€ and if you instinctively try to take in air but gulp down water instead, it can make clearing your airways even more difficult.

Bacteria. This is another reason why balanced water chemistry is so very important. When swimmers enter the water, they bring all their germs, too, and then share them with all the other swimmers. Swimming pools have contributed to many diseases, including Polio, spreading quickly. If you are properly sanitizing your swimming pool, then you can help prevent disease from spreading.

Electrical shock. Make sure to keep any electrical equipment as far away from the pool as possible. Both water and chlorine are electrical conductors, so pools are especially at risk for shock. If there is a lightning storm, be sure to stay out of the pool.

Broken supplies. Many pool owners wonder about thermometers€"if they break, do they pose the same dangers as regular mercury thermometers? The answer is no, pool thermometers present a different danger. Most pool thermometer manufacturers use a type of oil rather then mercury. However, you should check the label to be absolutely certain. But when thermometers and other swimming pool supplies break, shards of glass, plastic, or whatever material they're made of can be set loose into the water, where they risk being swallowed or scratching swimmers. If something in your pool breaks, make sure to clean up thoroughly right away.

Unwanted guests. If you don't guard your swimming pool, then you're inviting neighborhood kids, animals, and even adults to take a dip when you're not around. All of the dangers mentioned pose a risk to them, too, and if they get injured, you may be liable, even if they didn't have permission to enter your pool in the first place. Use pool alarms, gates, and safety covers to prevent unwanted visitors.

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