The world's most expensive properties  

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In this article I will present you 10 most expensive real estates in the world. See for yourself and evaluate whether it is a wonderful extravaganzas or excessive eccentricity. I will start from the bottom of the top ten.

Last place in this list occupies The castle of count Dracula in Romania with the price of 135 million dollars. Built in the 14th century, the castle is a national treasure, and a museum thanks to the famous Count Vlad Tepes better known as Dracula. This castle is listed on the market in 2009. year. Unlike all the other houses on the list, this property is not a home filled with glamorous accessories and luxury, but it has a long history and an interesting story. The castle contains 57 rooms, with 17 bedrooms and a vast expanse around the castle. The negative side for a potential buyer would probably be how to keep away 450.000 tourists a year and a lack of central heating, but still living in the famous Dracula Castle would be something special.

Next in the list on a way to the top is Updown Court in Windlesham, Surrey UK with a price of 139 million dollars. This house has an area of over 3.800 square meters and is bigger than Buckingham Palace. It contains 103 rooms and is known as the most luxurious estate in the world. The English description of this property is "the most important private estate built in England since the 19th century". On the farm you can shortened time playing squash, watching movies at the cinema, swimming in the one of 5 pools or bowling. With heated marble floors and 24 karat gold decorated mosaics in the 22 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms, even men accustomed to the highest level of luxury can not remain indifferent.

Eight place belongs to "The Manor" in Los Anglese, real estate with the price of 150 million dollars. This property of over 5.200 square meters has been attributed to Aaron Spelling. It was built in 1991. and it contains 123 rooms for his family. The house contains several swimming pools, sports courts, indoor skateboard park, indoor bowling, etc.

"The Pinnacle" in Montana US is worth 155 million dollars. This luxury ski villa belongs to an exclusive club designed for billionaires, "The Yellowstone Club." Unlike the other houses on the list this one has "only" 10 bedrooms. The house have underfloor heating, fireplaces in all bathrooms, multiple pools, gym and massage room.

Franchuck Villa in Kensington, UK holds number six with a price of 161 million dollars. This Victorian villa was a school for girls until 1997. In 2006. it is invested over 10 million English pounds in renovation of this property and the villa was sold to the Ukrainian philanthropist, Elena Franchuck. The house has 5 floors in which there are 10 bedrooms, swimming pool, cinema, panic room, sauna and gym.

On the fifth place there is Hearst Mansion in Beverly Hills, US with the price of 165 million dollars. The former owner of the villa was a magnate William Randolph Hearst (on whom the main character of movie "Citizen Kane" was based). Property has 29 bedrooms and 3 pools. It also has its own disco and theater. The villa was used during the filming of "The Godfather" in the scene when the horse's head appears in the owners' bed. Also the property was used during the honeymoon of President JFK.

Farfield Pond in The Hamptons took number four with price of 170 million dollars. It contains 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, dining room over 30 feet long, 5 sports courts, a bowling room and bathtub worth 150.000 dollars.

On number three we have penthouse in London with a price of 200 million dollars. Well known address of Hyde Park number one can be proud of the most expensive penthouse in the world, with a square meter worth of 65.000 dollars. Tenants of this building are guarded by a special unit, and with the panic room, bulletproof glass, various scanners, and a tunnel to the nearby Mandarin Hotel this makes it one of the safest in the world. There is also room service 24 hours a day.

Villa Leopolda in French riviera is estimated to 506 million dollars and it holds second place in this list. It was built in 1902 by the Belgian King Leopold II. Rumors are that the house was once used by "Windows king" Bill Gates like his escape from reality, and currently belongs to the wife of Edmond Safra.

And finally number one. As you may guessed the title of the worlds most expensive property belongs to the "Antilla" house in Bombay with a stunning price of 1 billion dollars. This home consists of 27 floors, each different. The owners Mukesh and Nita Ambani have built this extravagant and unique building to distinguish it from all existing and "boring" real estates in the world. Parking spans over 6 floors, and the living space beginning at 9th floor of the building. The building is 170 meters high and the it has 600 staff members available in any time of the day. The building has special rooms for guests entourage like bodyguards can relax. Each floor is twice higher than the average floor in a skyscraper, which actually provides the building height of 60 floors. At the top there is Helipad. This residence will probably remain for a long time the most expensive real estate in the world.

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