There Are Different Techniques on How to Improve Swim Techniques

by Pool Builders on 07-21-2010 in Articles

Drilling techniques are useful ways to improve swim technique. Once done successfully, it will make you swim faster. Workouts must at all times be done if possible. Bear in mind that practice makes perfect.

Most first time swimmers know freestyle swimming or the front crawl. But it is not as refined as the record holders or Olympic medalists. There are more swimming drills to be learned other than the front crawl.

The first thing to do is to find a good swimming spot that is comfortable enough for you to swim in. You can practice the mastery of swimming if you have a spacious swimming spot to practice.

One way to improve swim technique is practicing the freestyle or front crawl. Use your body mainly on the sides and not on your stomach or belly. It is like the shape of a sharp blade or a sharp knife. The contour of the body must be followed to attain the effectiveness of the technique. Make your body roll on your side and breathe on your side to have a better body rotation. Do the "11"position and flap your feet with the eyes looking down on the pool and the head in neutral position. Practice in alternating you one arm to the other arm to achieve the "11"position, this is one correct swim technique that you can do.

The next way to improve swim technique is to keep one of your hands fronting your head, it is vital in swimming. In this way, you will move faster with the same amount of effort. You can do the correct swim technique also using the "catch-up-drill". Keep your right arm fully extended while you are stroking with the other arm. Start stroking again when your right hand touches your left hand. Do the technique again and again to improve more.

Another way to improve your swimming is to swim using your one arm. It will enable you to further practice in breathing on both sides. It is very efficient when you swim in open-water.

To make your body more streamlined, your head must be looking downwards and not in front. It is better if your head is the only thing that breaks through the water. Your neck and spine must be aligned just like when you are standing.

Your kick must have a rhythm and not force or power. Each kick should be synchronized. Your heels must be the only ones that are surfacing the water. Roll your hips from side to side to increase your power and reduce your drag. Lie on your right side in the water with right arm fully flexed then kick for about six times and pull your right arm. Do the same with the left arm and feet then continue with the sequence.

After mastering some of these techniques, try to add other drills and have a step by step practice in improving your swimming skills. Make your body fitter, stronger and healthier to master all the Techniques. Maybe someday, you will become one of those record holders!

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