There Are Several Important Pool Safety Tips That You Should Implement Around Children So You Can Have an Enjoyable Summer  

by Pool Builders on 03-07-2013 in Articles

When summer finally arrives in your area, the change of seasons can mean an increase in backyard gatherings around the swimming pool. Children also enjoy this time of year because this means they can relax in the pool after a long day of playing outdoor games with their friends. Everything can be going well until a tragedy occurs. Most parents are recognising the importance of water safety, and they may even ask other parents," How can I teach my child to swim?" They know that their children should be familiar with basic lifesaving skills so they can protect themselves near water.

It is easy to forget about safety when a swimming pool is so tempting on a hot summer's day, and a lot of people tend to ignore the safety precautions. But, when you own a pool, you must make sure that you apply all of the necessary precautions so your summer will stay free from hassle and tragedy.

Educate Your Child

You have to make sure that your child understands that whilst a swimming pool is a lot of fun, it can also be dangerous. Enrol your child in some water safety classes so they will understand the importance of pool safety.

Make Sure the Pool Area Is In a Good Location

Your swimming pool should be situated in an area of your backyard so that all areas of the pool can be easily seen from inside the home. If you are building a swimming pool on your property, make sure that you express this concern to the contractor. If you already have a swimming pool on your property, you should install some type of safety camera. This will allow you to monitor the pool area and any blind spots from a monitor inside of your home.

Fence Your Pool In

In some areas, pool fencing is required by law. But, if it is not a law in your region, you should still install a safety fence around your pool. You can choose from several nice designs for your fence, and once it is installed, you should place an alarm on the gate. This way, if the door to the pool area is opened, you will know it.
No Sharp Objects

Make sure that your children and your guests refrain from using any glass items around the pool. These items could break, and cause a lot of nasty cuts.


All members of your household should learn how to perform infant, child, and adult CPR.

You should also allow your child to visit the location where they will be taking the lessons prior to the start of class. This should be a fun experience, so do not try to take the place of the instructor and begin teaching skills. The two of you can splash around the pool, and play with some of the pool toys. Once you have shown your child how much fun the swimming pool can be, ask your child if they would like to get into the water. If they refuse, do not force them. However, you can get into the pool and show them how safe the water is.

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