There Are Several Important Rules to Follow When You Are Teaching a Child to Swim For the First Time  

by Pool Builders on 05-12-2013 in Articles

There is a lot of information floating around online especially in forums and message boards regarding children and swimming. You will hear that children should swim at a certain age, should not swim at a certain age, and other information. All of the conflicting pieces of information can be extremely overwhelming for a parent that is interested in teaching a child to swim. If you can manoeuvre through the piles of information, there are some basic rules and suggestions that you can follow when you are ready to start giving swimming lessons to your child. This way you can be sure that your child will remain happy whilst they are having the lessons.

Is It A Myth That Babies Should Not Take Swimming Lessons?

Believe it or not, babies are more comfortable in water than many adults are. The water reminds them of the nine months prior to their birth when the only home they knew was the womb. Your baby will not have unpleasant experiences if you begin to give them lessons at an early age.

Have a Professional Help You So You Can Help Your Child

You may understand some of the basic swimming styles, but you should enlist the help of a swimming instructor who can advise you on the best way to introduce your child to swimming. The instructor can help you plan some swimming lessons so you can manage your childâEUR(TM)s progression at each level.

If you do not want or cannot find a local instructor, there are plenty of courses that you can order on the internet. These courses are usually DVD sets, although you may be able to find some websites that can customise courses for you and your toddler. These courses are a great option if you want to repeat a lesson or if you need a better understanding of a certain lesson.

Never Be Alone With Your Child

If you are teaching your child to swim in your own swimming pool, never teach them alone. Always make sure that someone else is around that can assist you if an emergency should occur. This person should also be close to a mobile or landline phone so they can make a call for help if necessary. Make sure that the other person is able to swim too.

Remember that you are showing your child how much fun the water is, and this is why you should allow your child to progress at a rate that is comfortable for them. This will help them to become happy and healthy swimmers.

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