There Are Several Important Safety Tips That You and Your Children Should Follow So They Can Stay Around Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 03-07-2013 in Articles

Swimming is the best way to stay cool during the warm summer months, and swimming pools provide plenty of fun for kids and adults. If you have a child that enjoys spending the summer days near a swimming pool, it is important that you teach them how to stay safe when they are near the water. Research has shown that hundreds of children die every year by drowning, and in almost every case the drowning could have been prevented if some safety tips had been followed.

Supervision Is Critical

Anytime children are playing in and around pools, there should be at least one responsible adult that is around the pool. A lot of accidental drowning deaths have occurred because children were able to access the pool area without adult supervision. Swimming pools can be very exciting and alluring to young children and that is why you should be extremely cautious whenever children are around pools.
There are ways you can prevent children from being able to access a swimming area so easily. Pool safety fences and other barriers will not completely keep a child from entering a restricted area, but a barrier can increase the amount of time it takes for them to access the area. This will give an adult the chance to prevent the child from entering the pool.

Teach the Importance of Water Safety

Since children have so much fun when they are playing around swimming pools, they may equate the swimming pool to a playground and accidents are more likely to occur. Teach the child simple rules like "no running" and "never swim alone." These two tips can help prevent accidental deaths and unnecessary injuries. This is not to say that your child can not enjoy themselves whilst they are at the pool, but excessive horseplay should be immediately discouraged.

Enrol Your Child in Lessons

The greatest way that you can prevent swimming pool injuries is to sign your child up for swimming lessons. You will find that swimming lessons are offered at various locations in your region, and you can begin your child's lessons at any age. Some parents even enrol their infant children in swimming lessons.

Wear Sunscreen

Your child should wear sunscreen when they are in and out of the water. Make sure that the sunscreen is reapplied every 90 minutes, even if the sunscreen is labelled "waterproof". All skin that is exposed must be protected from the sun at all times.

Senior citizens can take part in a variety of exercises, but some activities can be too harsh for people who suffer from joint diseases like arthritis. High impact activities may also be too difficult for elderly swimmers that have heart and lung disorders. This is why swimming is the perfect exercise for the older generation. It will give them good health benefits, and it will not cause them any discomfort.

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