There Is No Such Thing As Toning a Muscle  

by Pool Builders on 04-05-2009 in Articles

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Training a bodypart for TONE is another BIG misconcepion among trainees! My apologies but i may get a little antagonistic here.. I get angry when I hear the term 'Tone' being mentioned as it misleads so many people!

TONE is a BIG misconception! There is no such thing as 'TONING' a muscle muscles either get



Now i know what your saying...

'i dont want big muscles!!!!!'

I get that.. women will not get big muscles no matter how hard they try.. unless of course you have a good steroids dealer? do you? Told you i was going to get antagonistic! Women lack adequate amounts of the anabolic hormones men possess: testosterone! So you have nothing to worry about! All training heavy and hard is going to do is make you lean and sexy!

Now your muscles may get A LITTLE bigger but you will lose fat at the same time and you will remain the EXACT same size..just look better?!

Sounds good eh?

That is what 'TONE' is...

----> Reduction in bodyfat and Simultaneous slight increase in muscle

OK, so you have problem areas or trouble spots, bingo wings, bat wings, upper arm fat, love handles, man boobs, so it makes sense to focus on those areas, right? WRONG!!! At first glance it makes sense, but after closer examination you'll understand why focusing on your trouble spots is not the solution to fixing them. this may require you to change your mindset. This is the biggest obstacle trainees face is listening and changing their training. This is essential, especially when it comes to fat loss. So if you really want to SHIFT THE WEIGHT, start by making a major MINDSET SHIFT first.

I've had to address a lot of things in gyms over the years but the most frustrating is the major problem of spot reduction. The average person is under the impression that if you train a particular bodypart you will lose fat on that bodypart. This is simply NOT the case!

The analogy I use is: 'if I take a bucket of water out of the corner of that swimming pool, the water comes from the entire swimming pool.. not just the corner' I was thinking on the issue and I happened to be beside a swimming pool at the time so I used what I had at my disposal but you get the idea? You have to train your BODY to reduce BODY-Fat, your blood stream supplies the energy (in the form of fat) to your muscles, agreed? You cannot select where the fat comes from, your body does! It seems logical for your body to use fat closest to the muscle for energy but it doesn't! The blood is flowing! It flows through your body and the fat that is being used may have been picked up from your thighs or your back! You don't have control over this aspect of fat loss! Live with it. Metabolic type work and a clean diet is the key to fat loss, doesn't matter where the fat is!

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