There a Certain Rules to Follow For Home Pool Safety and Security

by Pool Builders on 02-02-2010 in Articles

If you have a swimming pool, there are certain rules to follow for home pool safety and security. A pool at home should be a place for fun and relaxation rather than something to fret, worry and stress about. Therefore, if you have children, there are things that you can do to make it as safe as possible, and at the same time less worrisome and stressful.

As you probably already know, swimming pools can be very dangerous places for children, and you should not have a swimming pool in your yard if you have children under five years old, if it is at all possible. If you already have one, then protect your children from drowning by always doing the same things. Any rules that you follow should become habitual, and you should make yourself a list if you have to, so that you do not forget anything.

You should never leave your children alone in or around the swimming, not for a second, not to go get the phone, open the door, or whatever reason may come up. There should always be an adult swimmer who is trained in CPR supervising the children during the whole time they are in or around the pool.

Children under five years old should have touch-supervision, meaning that they will never be further than arm's reach, even if they know how to swim.

Put up a fence that is at least 48-inches high around the pool to create separation from the house. Make sure the fence has self-closing, self-latching gates, and that the latches are out of the children's reach.

There should always be rescue equipment, including a telephone, shepherd's hook, life preservers, and a first-aid kit close to the swimming pool.

Swimming aids that are air-filled should never be used in place of approved and certified life-vests.

Make sure that you remove all the toys from the swimming pool after the children are done playing so that they will not look to go back and get their toys.

Make sure that the swimming pools is secured when it is not in use, and this will keep the children safe and out of harm's way.

You also have to remember that even if your child knows how to swim, that does not necessarily mean that your child will always be 100% safe in the water.

Make sure that the swimming pool has a safety cover so that you can add protection, but a cover should not be used in place of a fence.

You also need to make sure that the pool has a free and clear view, that there are no trees or bushes which may cause an obstruction and cause you to lose sight of the children for even a few seconds.

In fact, some municipalities require both a fence and a cover in a home with a pool if there are children. However, even a fence and a cover will not keep your children entirely from harm and it will not keep them from drowning 100% of the time. If you have a swimming pool, there will always be a danger of drowning and all you can really do is to try to minimize the danger.

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