Things Every Parent Should Do Before Planning a Tropical Getaway - Make Sure the Kids Are Ready  

by Pool Builders on 10-28-2012 in Articles

If you are like most parents who live in an area that does not include many opportunities for swimming, then you probably have not taken the time to consider how important baby swimming lessons are. This is especially true if you are planning now, or think you may plan a vacation on a tropical island, surrounded by water. Not only will you have the ocean to contend with, but also your resort is more than likely going to have a swimming pool. The truth is, no matter where you live, you want to give your child a solid foundation that he or she will have to be able to face the world with. Swimming is one thing everyone should know how to do.

When is the Best Time to Start Swim Lessons?

They say a newborn will be able to swim immediately if thrown in the water, but we do not personally know anyone who has tried this technique, and truthfully, it sounds a bit risky. So, this leaves us wondering about the best time to start baby swimming. In all honesty, the earlier the lessons start, the better the outcome will be. You want to teach your baby to swim before he or she develops a fear of water. This is usually between the ages of 4 and 6 months. However, most parents do not get the brilliant idea to start their babies swimming until the age of fear has developed. This means extra gentle lessons by someone the baby trusts will be needed.

Why is My Child Screaming and So Fearful?

Try to imagine you cannot swim and a stranger has you floating in the water, trying to teach you not to sink. You would most likely be scared out of your wits. Now imagine you cannot speak to express yourself. What is left to do? You guessed it right, scream, and scream loud! Being in the water for the first time and realising that at any moment the person holding you could let go is no fun for anyone, let alone a child who is being taught to swim. This is why hiring a professional who is well versed with teaching children to swim is so important. You can find a good swimming school just by doing a quick Google search. Of course, if you live in a colder climate, the classes will take place at an indoor pool, but the most important thing is you teach your baby to swim.

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