Things Kids Should Remember When Playing in Water

by Pool Builders on 03-14-2010 in Articles

At this time, everyone is planning to have their summer getaway. Kids most especially are so much excited to go paddling, splashing and soaking almost whole day into the water. It's sure relaxing to go bathing into the beach, pool and in the lake on a hot day. Wherever it is that you plan to this summer let me just remind everybody that playing with water is so cool but we have to be careful always.

The following are things to remember when playing with water so as to avoid watery grave too.

When at the Beach

· Never swim too far.
· Never swim alone.
· Wear protective footwear for rocky surfaces.
· It's never good to pretend that you're drowning-it's not funny anyway.
· If you're going to bring drinks at the beach, store those in plastic containers because broken glasses and bare feet shouldn't mix.

In Water Parks

· Read and understand all the signs before going on a ride.
· Be sure you don't have any medical conditions that are listed.
· There's should always be a lifeguard in each trip and always listen to his/her instructions always.

In Lakes and Ponds

· You should always wear life jacket if you are to go boating.

In the Swimming Pools

· Know how deep the water in the pool before jumping in.
· Before getting into the pool make sure there's an adult around.
· You have to walk slowly when in the pool area or else you'll slip.
· It is not advisable to eat when in the pool - you might get choke.
· To avoid accidents don't push or jump on others so as to avoid accidents.
· Be sure that the adult accompanying you knows that all the swimming pool supplies are safe to use.

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