Things That Are Believed to Enhance Resale Value But Actually Do Not  

by Pool Builders on 09-05-2014 in Articles

Upgrading a house can be beneficial in the process of sale of a home as it allows a seller to close a lucrative deal. Most individuals begin to make changes to their home before planning to sell it, believing it to enhance the resale value of their property. There are many things that you might use for upgrading your home, considering them to increase your property's value, but unfortunately they actually fail to offer desired results. Some of these things are mentioned below.

Making an extra room or counterpart can make sense, but it is wise to be cautious while overbuilding on your real estate. If your land is priced significantly higher than the usual market value of other similar properties in your area, it might bring down the price of your residence as well. This is because buyers might be hesitant to pay more to reside in an average locality in an above-average dwelling. So, make sure to compare the prices of recently sold similar properties in your area to ensure you are not just wasting your hard earned money by overbuilding on your house.

There are many small appliances that are shiny and nice but might not add value to your house. Stainless steel makes a good option but replacing all your faultlessly working appliances just because they appear old would certainly not improve the resale value of your property. Perform evaluation of your real estate prior to putting it up for sale to find out the problem areas but do not replace the things that are in good working condition. Doing so, you would only end up wasting your money.

Big appliances
Big appliances include things like dryers, air conditioners, water heaters and dishwashers. Many sellers make the mistake of replacing them with new ones in order to enhance the appeal of their house and hence to expect higher market value for their property. Unfortunately, it is not always necessary to replace old things with new ones. If your appliances are not consuming much electricity and are functioning properly, keep them in. Buyers looking forward to purchase a home would not pay more only because your electrical devices are new.

Swimming Pools
Adding swimming pools to your residence can be a big selling point if your house is located in an area with hot and temperate climate. Conversely, avoid putting a pool in your real estate if the climatic conditions of your area do not allow you to enjoy benefits of a swimming pool during most months of the year. Apart from being a costly venture, above and in-ground pools do not necessarily increase the value of your dwelling.

If you upgrade your property, ensure that you sustain even tone throughout your house. Prospective buyers would notice that your kitchen is upgraded but other areas of your dwelling are still trapped in the 80's. You are not required to spend money on all new appliances and other costly things to add value to your home. Even small necessary enhancements are enough to ensure that.

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