Things You Need To Know About Beach Bags  

by Pool Builders on 12-11-2010 in Articles

Beach bags used to be any bag you can find in the house that can contain all the things that you need to take with you when you go swimming at the beach or swimming pool. But not anymore. There are now beach bags sold all year round, even during the winter season. Beach bags are no longer limited to just for beach or pool use but can be used for going shopping or for other outdoor activities like a camp out or a weekend hiking.

Many beach bags are like oversized tote bag although there are also some that are of the smaller size. There are oversized beach bags that can contain bulky items and they are called whale bags, with enough room to fit your favorite travel pillows. There are smaller totes too for those whose house or hotel or vehicle is very near the beach or pool so the bigger items can just be lugged as needed. The bags can have a single compartment; hence you would need to organize your things in bag organizers or pouches to separate them from one another. You would not have to dig through everything before finding the small jar of face cream that you are looking for. Other bags have multiple compartments which would make it easy for you to organize your things. Smaller compartments can contain keys, sunglasses, sunscreen or sun tanner, cosmetics and music player while the bigger compartment or compartments can contain your beach wear, towel, reading materials or whatever else you choose to bring. They may come with netted compartments too. There are even beach bags that have a special compartment for your mobile phone and a special key holder.
Beach bags are made of different materials such as vinyl, cloth or mesh. Other popular materials used for present day beach bags are cotton PVC, PVC coated polyester, poly canvas, waterproof canvas, woven rattan, woven bamboo, woven palm leaf and plastic. The color and design are limitless. You can even get beach bags that will match your swimwear. The choices of color and design can vary from the neutral earth colors to brightly colored ones. You can even get monogrammed ones that are more personalized and exclusively yours alone.

One very important criterion is that they should be durable and possibly waterproof. The bag should be able to withstand several uses while being exposed to water and sand on the beach and chemicals in the pool.

You can buy beach bags from local shops near the beach. On the other hand, you can buy beach bags online, without the hassles of going to the shop or the pressures of buying a bag before the store closes or with a salesperson looking over your shoulder. When you shop online, you have a wide range of choices available for you to choose from, including shops in other countries that may have the style and design that you are looking for. It is easy to check out the products, prices and most importantly, the reviews from buyers who have previously bought them. Today, you do not have to wait for the summer season in order to beach bags. You can shop for them online even when you are in the middle of a snowstorm.

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