Things You Need to Know About When Cleaning Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 01-26-2014 in Articles

If you have a swimming in your house, it should be cleaned correctly, using right chemicals and machines. It can not be done at individual level. To ensure a hygienic pool, you can consider hiring a pool cleaning service.

Do you have a swimming pool in your premises? How do you maintain the hygiene in and around it? Do you have sufficient time to clean it on your own? Do you even get time to sanitize the pool?

Well, there are many home and public swimming pool owners, who hire professional pool cleaning service to look after their pool. Swimming pools, whether personal or commercial, needs to be made dirt-free and hygienic, on regular basis. These service providers visit your place weekly or whenever called in, and make efforts to spruce up your pond.

There are certain things that you should know before getting it properly deodorised. Check out some of those points in following -

€ Pools are for recreation. It requires great soaping and maintenance. If it will not be washed up regularly, it might be unsafe for one to use the pool. Astir water is home for countless insects, especially if it an open-air structure.

€ Before jumping into the water, most people apply several kinds of body and sunscreen lotions for glowing skin. When they dive into the pond, all the oil from their body come off, and collects near the edges of the pond. Such greasy components must be cleared, as slippage might bring serious mishaps. These lubricious elements should be removed using skimmers.

€ Even if you have appointed a cleaning service to watch over your pool, you must own a pool vacuum cleaner. It is necessary for the hygiene purpose. Whenever you observe some dirt over and under the water surface, you can eradicate it immediately without waiting for the cleansers to come. It will save your cost, however buying it would be an additional investment.

€ Vacuum cleaners for home purposes are not very significant. Therefore, you should ask the disinfectors to vacuum it using their large, high-capacity vacuuming machine.

€ The level of water inside the pond should be complete to avoid accidents. You should check the water level on regular basis. If the height of water goes down every now and then, you should ask the maintenance people to check for leaks.

€ The PH count of the water of should also be tracked regularly - if not regularly, weekly. As per the standards, it should be between 7.2 to 7.8 units. If it is below the normal level, some chemicals should be added to it.

€ To make the water hygienic, electric shock should be supplied into it. Additionally, specific number of drops of chlorine should be stirred into the water. However, using chlorine tablets for this purpose is always better, as it liquefies slowly into the water and leaves behind a more hygienic pool.

€ If you would not clean the pool for more than two or three weeks, it will become a jungle of algae, cost of which would hit you harder.

€ If you are hiring a pool cleaning service provider, it is always advisable to check their credibility before. You must avoid getting trapped with those, who have rates far out of your pocket.

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