Things for You to Consider About Swimming Pools that You May not Have Thought of  

by Pool Builders on 04-17-2008 in Articles

If you are in the initial planning stages of having a swimming pool installed in your backyard then there are few things that you will have to take into consideration. You need to find out what the property line setbacks are in the community that you live in are.

This is the term thats used to describe the distance that any construction project has to be back from your actual property line. It is usually somewhere in the area of five feet or so. Once you know this distance then you can begin deciding where you are going to have your pool installed.

That is unless you are having an above ground pool installed, because they are clasified as temporary and are immune from setback requirements most of the time. Also, you will want to find out if you can, what is below the surface of your backyard.

This is because, if there is solid rock you may want to explore an alternative to a built in pool. Pool contractors will include in their contracts a clause for €unexpected construction costs€ and that means rock that needs to be blasted or €hard pan€ substrate that can also run up the cost of digging.

Next you have to bear in mind that your backyard and the pool itself has to be made safe and secure to prevent accidental drowning. This means that your yard will have to be fenced in and all access gates fitted with secure locking mechanisms.

Above ground pools also have the added safety feature of being raised up and out of reach of wandering todlers. A simple locking gate mechanism on the stairway to the deck that surrounds the pool adds yet a final layer of added security if a currious youngster should somehow get into your yard.

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