Things to Ask a Woodlands Pool Builder   

by Pool Builders on 04-26-2010 in Articles

Question One: Are you a bonded and licensed contractor?

Several states may not require any licensing while some may require it. Either way, though, it would be smart to work with a licensed Woodlands swimming pool builder because the majority of bad experiences with bad pool builders stem from homeowners who hire unlicensed ones just to save a bit of money.

Question Two: Do you have written warranties?

If the warranties are not available in writing, take the utmost heed. If they are, though, get your hands on a copy of it and learn all about their overall coverage and exclusions. One thing you should definitely be on the lookout for is the coverage known as "Acts of God"; this is the section that covers everything that you cannot control, like damage from a storm.

Question Three: Do you still offer up services after everything is done?

This happens to be incredibly essential since you will come across times where you want to ask things about maintenance or personal pool service. Because of this, you would need a great local contact that will be of service to you when you need it. Therefore, the particular company that you end up choosing should ideally stand by their personal service and their team altogether.

Question Four: Were you in business before under another name?

If your choice of Woodlands pool builder has been in business before under a different name, take the utmost heed. There are chances that the name change was due to a very bad reputation in their business.

Question Five: How long has this business been a part of your life?

Some pool companies, which have been around for a while, normally have great reputations. However, there are still some exceptions out there, so never forget to ask about proper references. Also, if they happen to have any swimming pools that are under construction nearby, ask to visit those particular sites and ask their homeowners about their overall experience with the company. You should also ensure that the company is not involved with pending legal disputes in any way.

Question Six: Do you have any kinds of insurance in place?

You need to ensure that any damage that happens while the installation takes place, whether to people or to your property, will be covered at all costs.

Question Seven: Who will apply for and get the permits?

Work this out as early as possible since some permits could take some time.

Question Eight: Who will be held responsible for damages to the neighbor's property or the house and who is going to repair any sprinkler pipes that break during construction or any irrigation?

This also needs to be worked out before plans even move forward to begin with. Even better, get the agreement down in writing.

Question Nine: Is the crew going to clean up their mess?

Swimming pool installation can definitely get a bit messy, so ensure that your Woodlands pool builder is aware that you will not want to deal with that mess.

Question Ten: Will I be told how my swimming pool works?

"Yes" is the only acceptable answer to this. If not, find another Woodlands pool builder.

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