Things to Avoid When Wearing Jewelries  

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Diamonds may be dubbed as the hardest mineral in the earth, but this does not mean they are immune to the depredations caused by time or unfortunate instances. People mostly underestimate this risk, thinking that diamonds are unbreakable€"and they end up damaging their beloved diamond jewelry because of their carelessness. If you are a jewelry owner or are considering to buy some of these precious stones, you must at least have a keen understanding on the common factors out there that could damage them so that you will know what to do and not to do.A lot of people actually know that diamonds can be destroyed by just smashing it with another rock, but there are other, less extreme ways for diamonds to sustain damage.


Of course, you might say that swimming on a pool can definitely damage any kind of jewelry. But the specific reason for this is that the chlorine present in all swimming pools has the capability to corrode some kinds of metal. So, if you are swimming in a chlorinated pool every day, you will soon know that it can damage your jewelry's settings, as well as mountings. Furthermore, chlorine interacts with diamond, forming a chemical reaction that would result for its brilliance to fade away and make it brittle. Additionally, if you are swimming in cold water, your fingers might shrink because of the temperature drop. This will cause your diamond ring to slip off your finger effortlessly, without you even noticing. Even wearing it while you are showering is a bad idea, since you might accidentally drop and break it.

Washing dishes

When you are doing the dishes, wearing your ring is never a good idea. Again, this might seem too obvious, but there are also misconceptions that need to be cleared out. First of all, never underestimate this activity's capability of ruining your diamonds, since dish soaps are already very efficient in damaging the stone, or at least give it unsightly discolorations. Also, if you constantly expose your precious stones to household chemicals, it can cause a buildup, coating it with a film that will dull their sparkle. Always make sure that your jewelry is removed whenever you do such task, or if you insist on keeping them on, protect them by wearing gloves.

Working out

Whatever you do€"whether you are lifting a set of weights or doing some bodybuilding at home or at the gym, you are just creating more unnecessary risks for your jewelry. People who go to gym without removing their jewelry will have an increased chance of damaging their precious stones. This happens when you are too busy exercising€"you will not be able to pay attention to the ring that you are wearing. You are also bound to sweat buckets while you exercise, which makes your skin slippery. These circumstances will conspire to increase the risk of dropping your jewelry and breaking it.

Always put it somewhere secure whenever you are working out, so it will not get dirty and grimy. Even famous celebrities admit that they remove their jewelries when working out, so you should also try to relinquish your beloved diamonds whenever you are doing some strenuous activities. This serves as a good countermeasure in order to preserve your diamonds and other jewelries from any untoward breakage.

Cleaning Tips

Avoiding these activities is not enough€"you need to clean them too, just to maintain that shine you always see in well-cared for jewelry. While getting your baubles professionally cleaned is your best choice to achieve a sparkle that could draw eyes on it, you can definitely clean your jewelry at home with the use of certain helpful chemicals. Cleaning with these household alternative is easy to do and it can save you both money and time.


It is very easy to clean both gold jewelries and their gemstones with the use of white vinegar. Just dip it into a jar of this household substance and let it stay there for about 10 to 15 minutes, whisking it from time to time. Once done, remove it from the jar and have it scrubbed with a tooth brush if needed.


You need to dissolve two antacid tablets on a glass of warm water before dropping your jewels in it. You only need to wait for two minutes before subsequently removing your items. Rinse it well with water and let it dry thoroughly.

Taking care of your prized possessions requires a lot of conscious effort, as well as the know-how on the things that might increase the risk of it getting damaged. They might say that diamonds are forever, but this could only happen if they are taken care of properly. In any case, if you break your jewelry due to some unfortunate circumstance, you can always get to a jewelry repair shop and have them fixed. Also, they will be able to give you more tips on what not to do while wearing your jewelry to ensure that their pristine beauty if preserved.

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