Things to Consider When Buying a Pool Cleaner  

by Pool Builders on 08-13-2012 in Articles

Owning your own swimming pool at home can give you many advantages. You can easily have refreshing days and you can also use it for exercising and staying fit enjoyably. One major concern, however, is the fact that cleaning a pool is a very daunting and time-consuming task. However, this 'yoke' has been lifted now that we have several reliable items like automatic pool cleaners.

The potential buyer should know that there three types of pool cleaners. These types are as follows:

1. manual type - this uses a long hose connected to the pool system, the user would use a long pole to push it along the pool.

2. automatic/vacuum type - this uses the existing pool system but user needs to just set it up and it moves on its own.

3. robotic pond cleaners - this is fully automatic and uses its own pump and debris bagI do not think that anyone would even consider purchasing a manual cleaner which would effective mean spending hours of arduous, unnecessary work especially when there are automatic models that are readily accessible.

When purchasing a pool cleaner there are some factors that a potential buyer needs to consider such as the features of the particular cleaner, maintenance (as to whether parts are readily accessible and replaceable),price one is willing to pay and versatility of the product.

Some of the factors or information that you would need to know before purchasing a pool cleaner is as follows:
1. What type of cleaner is it? Is it pressure side suction, robotic etc?
2. Does the cleaner have the ability to clean and scrub the walls, bottom and steps of pools of any size and shape.
3. Is the cleaner limited to vacuum a certain size of debris, pebbles and even leaves
4. Does it work independently of the rest of the pool's operating system?
5. Does it come with a hose kit so that it can traverse along the length of your pool?
6. Does it require a booster pump?
7. Does it also distribute chemicals and heat throughout the pool to improve circulation and chemical effectiveness?
8. Is the pool cleaner limited to any pool surface type?

It is always a great benefit as a potential buyer to arm yourself with the relevant information to make an informed purchase, to get the best value for your money. One of the major benefits of having the 'yoke' being lifted (the task of cleaning one's swimming pool) is the let the pool cleaner do all the hard work for you in an efficient and quick fashion. Leaving you pool clean with that refreshing look. Leaving you to enjoy the finer things in life!

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