Things to Consider When Buying a Salt Water Pool

by Pool Builders on 08-09-2010 in Articles

For many years, the most popular type of pool to own was a chlorine pool, but salt water one have become a close second in recent years. The reason is that salted pools are more comfortable, healthier and more cost effective than traditional pools. Of course, a salt water pool has its disadvantages too, such as the upfront costs and possible corrosion if acidity levels are not properly monitored.

A higher comfort level is one of the advantages of salt water, because salt is much softer on your skin than chlorine. In addition, you will never have to worry about the annoying red eyes, itchy skin, and discolored hair that chlorine tends to cause. For someone who uses their swimming pool regularly, they will benefit by not having to worry about the side effects of chlorine chemicals.

Healthy living is an important focus that many people are concerned about today as so many health conditions are reaching epidemic levels. Chlorine is a strong chemical that can be irritating to the hair, skins and eyes. Salt pools have chlorine as well, but not as much as traditional pools as the chemical is part of the salt composition.

Salt water treatment involves a simple process of controlling the amount of chlorine in the pool through electricity conducted through a control box device. Regular maintenance is necessary, especially to keep an eye on ph levels and the amount of salt in the pool. As long as these factors are well monitored, salt pools are a convenient and healthy option for swimmers.

The cost of salt pools is not cheap, as they are clearly more expensive than their chlorinated counterparts. The difference is that it is less expensive to buy salt than chlorine in the long run. The pool pays for itself over time, so the initial investment is worth the sacrifice when the benefits are factored into the decision.

A salt water pool is an increasing popular choice for those looking to buy a new pool or change their traditional pool to a salt water option. These pools are less chlorinated than traditional pools, but nonetheless effective in pool treatment. The reduced side effects and economical advantages make these pools an ideal choice for backyard enjoyment. Salt-based pools have the benefits of being healthy, safe and cost effective pool options that people can enjoy.

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