Things to Consider While Researching Pool Installation  

by Pool Builders on 11-18-2011 in Articles

If you remember the 1962 cult classic television show, "The Beverly Hillbillies" you probably remember how the Clampette clan struck it rich when oil was discovered on their land and they moved to their swanky Beverly Hills mansion. Clearly fish out of water they continued to be hillbillies complete with "critters" and hanging their laundry out on the line to dry. Their built-in pool was even referred to by Elli Mae, the twenty something year old daughter of Jed Clampette as a "cement pond".

Today if you have a home in any warm climate even if it's not Beverly Hills, you can appreciate the many benefits to having a "cement pond" right in your very own backyard. If your home did not come with a pool, it may be time to look into the possibility of pool installation to not only increase your home's value and future marketability, but to also make your backyard an oasis of fun and inviting activity. While it may be nice to have a built in pool already in place- it can actually be to your advantage to design your own swimming hole and get the type of pool you want and not just what someone else left you.

The first step after you decide you want a backyard pool is to decide how big you want it to be. There are as many options when it comes to size as there are options about the shapes you can choose from. The size is going to depend a great deal on how much space you have in your yard for pool installation. You don't want to fill your whole backyard space with a pool and have no room left for your kids to play or for you to enjoy a BBQ. You also need to have enough space to include a wraparound decking area so your pool guest can do what people do best around a pool- sunbath and lounge.

But when it comes right down to it make sure you design and plan for the cement pond of your dreams that will make your goals for its use realistic. The Clampette family was just as likely to use their cement pond to bathe the goats as they were to use it for swimming. They could have just as easily been satisfied with a small blow up pool from a discount box store as the full size pool complete with poolside statues that they got.

And finally when you are planning your pool installation, you want to include plans to make things as safe as possible. That means utilizing a locking gate around your pool to keep out uninvited guest who can end up entering your pool area. If something bad were to happen to them, you could end up on the wrong end of some civil litigation stating that you created an "attractive nuisance" and didn't secure it.

If you do it right though, you can enjoy your swimming pool installation for years to come, litigation free, just like the Clampettes.

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