Things to Consider for Pool Maintenance  

by Pool Builders on 04-24-2013 in Articles

Having your own personal swimming pool is a big investment for the family and above all is a great fun. During the hot summer days, a person can relax and cool off in his swimming pool. He can also employ it as a form of exercise. For some people, it is something that represents status and class. But there is some important activity associated with it, i.e. maintenance. It is essential to constantly preserve them and one has to make effort in cleaning leaves, tiles, ground and checking proper chlorination. One also has to take care of calcium scale, scum and grime build up that are commonly formed on the tiles. Pool Maintenance and repair is one of the important factors that an individual has to consider while planning to construct a pool.
Cleaning and maintenance depends upon the usage. If you regularly use them, then it is obligatory to clean them on the weekly basis. If you use them occasionally then also they are required to be cleaned, but on the monthly basis. Pools are bound to be contaminated if you use them or not. It is not only the human beings that make them dirty or unclean. There are so many external factors that also make pools dirty. These could be air, dust, dirt, leaves, molds, fungi, algae, bacteria and many other things. That is why experts suggest going for regular checkups of the pool and maintaining their excellent condition. Doing it by yourself will be quite difficult and it is cannot be guaranteed that pool is cleaned in an appropriate manner. This is the reason why people hire trained professionals for this task as they are completely aware of correct ways of cleaning swimming pools. They have such equipments that can properly clean them without posing any harm to their lives. They better know subsequent prevention methods that are completely out of reach of a lay man.
These professionals take care of some important things like:
1. Chlorine Level - It is said that chlorine level should not fall below 1ppm, otherwise algae and germs will start growing in pool. The ideal level is between 1 and 3ppm. Checking it on the regular bass is necessary. Moreover, it is also recommended to shock pool once in a week to break down macrobiotic pollution. Giving a shock means bringing chlorine levels between 6 and 10ppm.
2. pH Level - The Ideal range is between 7.2 and 7.6. pH has to be checked on the regular basis. If it goes above 7.8, it will start creating problem in the filter and also affects the chlorine efficiency in your pool. On the other hand low pH will corrode the pipeline of the pool and quickly guzzle the remaining chlorine there in the water.
3. Check Filter- These professionals also check your pool filters and clean them properly. They also advise you to run this filter for 6-7 hours a day as it keeps the water clean.
4. Pool Cleaning- They properly brush up the sides, corners, walls of the pool to keep it clean. Getting it done repeatedly will make your pool healthy and safe to be used.

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