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If you have a swimming pool in your house or property, you need to spend a considerable period of time on it. The maintenance of the pool does not have to be a cumbersome affair, but then you must know all about avoiding the common mistakes. This will make your pool care Baldivis a safer place for family fun.

Tips to Follow

Check Pool Chemistry: Make it a point to check the chemistry of the swimming pool around twice a week in summer and once in winter. This can help you make the necessary adjustments to the chemistry of the water.

Regulate the pH Level: It is important to regulate the pH level of the water. Ideally, the level should not exceed 8.0. When it is 8.5%, the chlorine in the water is near about 10% active. If it is 7.0, the water is 73% activated. By maintaining a pH of 7.5, the activity meter of the chlorine is 50%-60%. One of the main requirements of pool care Port Kennedy is to check the pH level of the water so that the chlorine can be utilized to its fullest potential.

Maintain Alkalinity between 80 and 140 PPM: If the alkalinity levels are lower or higher than this, the water balance will be affected and ultimately the sanitizer will not perform to its optimum capacity.

Check the Total Dissolved Solids or TDS Regularly: The TDS should be checked once in 6 months, while the hardness of calcium should be estimated once in a month.

Clean the Cells in Different Salt Water Systems: Without cleaning the cells in the chlorine generators, the corroded and calcified cells will generate a small quantity of chlorine.

Do Not Backwash DE or Sand Filters Frequently: If you do this regularly, the filter will not be able to perform its cleaning tasks and you will eventually waste the water. Filters generally require backwashing when the pressure gauge goes up 8-10 PSI from clean.

Clean the Skimmer Basket in the Pool Pump on a Regular Basis: If the skimmer basket is filled with debris, it will lead to little flow, causing bad circulation.

Do Not Add in the Daytime: Adding chemicals after sunset helps acquire the maximum potential from them.

Brush the Tiles and Walls: If the circulation system is not right, brushing can alienate algae issues. If the tiles are kept clean, it will save money because with calcification, specialists will be required.

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