Things to See and Do When Staying in Denmark, Australia – Greens Pool, Madfish Bay and Elephant Rocks- William Bay  

by Pool Builders on 11-16-2011 in Articles

If you're visiting the William Bay, Australia and taking a tour around Denmark, accommodation is very important, and you'll find great accommodation close to the sea, but so is finding great things to see and do while you're here. Many people visit Denmark to connect with nature, enjoy the coastline, and do some bird watching, fishing, hiking, water sports, and other outdoor activities. This area is becoming increasingly well-known for the beauty of the outdoors, the hospitality, and the unique sights.

Here are three places you'll undoubtedly want to fit into your itinerary:

Greens Pool

Just a short drive from Denmark is the sheltered Greens Pool. It is covered with rock formations, gradual slope and calm waters which makes it exceptionally great for swimming. Locals and tourists alike enjoy snorkelling here because of its wide variety of fishes, and clean water.

Madfish Bay

Madfish Bay is a beautiful bay that's accessible via a staircase near the popular Waterfall Beach that's a part of the William Bay National Park. Madfish Bay offers picture perfect coastline and fish viewing. It is unpatrolled so be sure to be careful. Interestingly, the waves come in from multiple directions.

Elephant Rocks

People who have already visited the location, find the elephant rocks as something from every photo album. As the name suggests, the rocks look like a herd of elephants with a beautiful ocean backdrop. The elephant cove is below a wooden staircase.

Many people spend the day near Denmark, hoping to get a chance to bask in the splendour of all three of these local attractions. It's a popular place to visit for people staying at the William Bay Country Cottages, where you can have your own private and secluded cottages (1, 2, or 3 bedroom; several options include spas) that's a relaxing home away from home while you enjoy the beautiful sights of this part of Western Australia. If you're interested in finding out about nice things and beautiful places to see and do in the local Denmark area, we're more than happy to share information about what some of our guests like to do while they are here.

Don't forget though that when visiting Madfish Bay, Greens Pool, and the Elephant Rocks, to bring your sun block, some snacks, and your camera. And if you go snorkelling, bring your own equipment. You might spot stingrays and bountiful fish schools. Do be careful as the tides can come in quickly and many areas are unpatrolled.

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