Things to consider when planning a new pool and spa.  

by Pool Builders on 02-03-2010 in Articles

For most of the warmer climate states,such as California swimming pools are regular features in homes. Pools provide easy relief from the hot sun--especially during Summer.

For the sports-minded, swimming is known to provide an all-around workout comparable to a complete session in the gym. This is because swimming uses most of the muscle groups of the body, from the tip of the fingers to toes, and requires a great amount of muscle coordination and flexibility.

If a swimming pool doesn't work for your home, don't overlook getting a portable spa or hot tub. There's sure to be one that will fit your space perfectly and you can get a great water workout even in a portable spa or hot tub.

The swimming pool will not only give you your needed break from a monotonous schedule in the gym, but it will also provide a place of recreation for you and your family.

Provided there is adequate space in your backyard, you can always go for pool construction. Homeowners interested in getting a new swimming pool built should consult with a professional swimming pool builder to get the local requirements and most up to date information about getting a pool and spa. Local area swimming pool builders are the best place to start in gathering information about buying a new swimming pool and swimming pool price information as well. There are also pool construction methods that can assemble and disassemble temporary pools instead of making a built-in pool. Above ground swimming pools are popular options for those requirements.

In-ground pools are actually the ideal type of swimming pool construction. However, if you want a cheaper alternative, above ground pool construction is your choice. Not only is it cheaper, but you can avoid unnecessary changes in the underground plumbing. Southern California swimming pool builders usually create custom swimming pool designs for fantastic in ground concrete swimming pools. Concrete swimming pools are made with special concrete mix generally referred to as gunite or shotcrete pools.

Regardless of the type of construction material, swimming pools today are basically low maintenance. The maintenance costs of swimming pools are primarily for water cleaning and treatment. Water purification systems for swimming pools today are usually salt water purification systems, ozone systems or standard automatic chlorinators. Salt water systems are the most popular and also seem to be the easiest to take care of. These swimming pool purification systems make the pool more maintenance free and even with the salt purification, the water isn't too salty. Most people enjoy the salt water purification as it's easy to maintain the pool, the water is clear and fresh..... it only uses a low level of salt so there's no excessive saltiness to the water. Just a fresh swim. Southern California swimming pool builders commonly include a salt water purification system with swimming pool construction.

Maintenance costs will only go up a small amount if you incorporate spas or jacuzzis into your pool. Some homeowners integrate hot tubs or jacuzzis into their pools for therapy and relaxation. Home spas can be bought from pool stores or spa shops and buyers can choose a standard marble spas or an upscale spa complete with jet nozzles, drink trays and LCD flat-screens. Before buying spas, be sure to be ready for extra expenses for operation and maintenance that can result from inferior products, you know, if it sounds too good too be true then it probably is. There are good deals on spas and hot tubs and these days it's easy to get a high quality spa or hot tub to be delivered right to your back yard. Buy a quality hot tub or spa and then with proper care you'll get years of good performance and enjoyment.

Today, there are stricter laws on pool safety. Most states now require pool fencing that will prevent children from accidentally drowning in swimming pools. When looking for the perfect backyard swimming pool be sure to keep safety in mind.....keep everyone safe around your new swimming pool, remember especially safety for kids and pets.

A swimming pool for your home will bring everyone together for fun as well as the added benefits of health and general good family entertainment. Don't hesitate to add water to your back yard and enjoy!

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