Things to do before/after Swimming  

by Pool Builders on 03-30-2012 in Articles

When I decided to enter a swimming pool, the first thing I did was worry about my skin/health because of the after effects of swimming. Most of the swimming pools have chlorinated water. So to aid for beginners, here I provide a consolidated list of what to do/not to do to prevent skin/health problems-

Before you enter a swimming pool
1. Don't eat anything atleast an hour before you go for a swim. Mixing chlorinated water with food can lead to upset stomachs.
2. Apply a good waterproof sunscreen/sunblock on all parts of body (even those which are not exposed). Even very effective waterproof sunscreens will wash out in 20 mins of swim. Alternatively you can also apply moisturizer. Give it some time to sink in.
3. Take shower in the pool shower room before you expose your skin to chlorine.

After Swimming
1. Take a shower with normal water as soon as you get out of the pool. Wash your hair too if you are not wearing a cap.
2. Being in water for a long time can make your skin dry and itchy. After a shower, be sure that you apply lots of moisturizer to the damp skin. Do not miss any part of your body. Vaseline petroleum jelly is considered to be one of the most effective in case of itchiness.
2. Make sure you do not wear clothes on wet or damp skin. This can cause rashes and other skin problems. Wait till the moisturizer/sunscreen gets fully absorbed by the skin and pat any left wet skin with a dry towel.
3. During swimming, we unknowingly consume lots of chlorine with the air we breath/ water from the pool which is harmful for skin and lungs. So as soon as you come out of the pool, intake lots of fresh air outside the pool area by nose/or even by opening your mouth.
4. One of the most common after effects of swimming is excessive hunger. But another one is dehydration. So before you pound to some food, hydrate your body by drinking lots of water.
5. Even after lots of potions of sunscreen, we cannot avoid slight tanning of skin. And for Indian skin, this can be a little discouraging. Avoid swimming during sun, you can opt for morning/evening swimming sessions.
6. Some home remedies to lighten the affect of tanning are applying lemon and curd on the tanned areas, Gramflour and turmeric or raw milk/milk powder can also prove effective.

With right precautions and care, Swimming can be really enjoyable !
If you have other important information which I missed out here, please let me know I would love to add it here :)
Have a great swim ! :)

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